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30 Must-Read Reliability Case studies

This article from discusses 30 reliability case studies. Below are four we chose to highlight that focus on topics such as Root Cause Analysis (RCA), Predictive Maintenance (PM), and more.

1. BMW performs Root Cause Analysis on the line.

"In the Body Shop, if a line breakdown takes 15 or more minutes to resolve (in Assembly, the standard is 10 minutes), maintenance leaders and ESAs perform a full-blown "five-whys" root cause analysis to determine if it found and corrected the true root of the problem." Read the entire case study here.

2. MillerCoors utilizes Predictive Maintenance to improve their processes.

“Predictive maintenance is sexy. With infrared thermography, you take a snapshot and say, ‘Look what I found.’ With vibration analysis, you hook it up, print out your readings and go, ‘Yep, I found a bad bearing.’ That’s all important and necessary, but there is good work going on at the core. It’s just not sexy. How do you show the results of effective planning and scheduling? You can’t do it with before-and-after photos.” Read the entire case study here.

3. Valero Energy's Lubrication Transformation

"Valero paid great attention to the oil products being refined and then sold by the company. However, opportunities existed to upgrade the refinery’s system for purchasing, storing and dispensing oil products for use in production equipment at the site." Read the entire case study here.

4. PM Improvements at Toyota Lift Truck Plant

"Manufacturing and maintenance personnel jointly perform approximately 4,500 preventive maintenance (PM) tasks for the plant’s 2,900 pieces of equipment." Read the entire case study here.

For the complete list of case studies, click here.

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