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Allied Reliability deliver T.F. Hudgins engineered product and service solutions for compressors, engines, pumps, motors and other machinery – plus the expertise to increase reliability, longevity, performance, safety and environmental compliance.

Compressor Products

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Compressor Valves
From precision-crafted metal plate valves to the latest, high-performance designs with non-metallic internals, T.F. Hudgins offers solutions for any reciprocating compressor, in any type of service.

T.F. Hudgins provides complete valve assemblies, as well as plates, discs, rings, buttons, poppets, damper plates, spring plates, leaf springs and other metallic and non-metallic components for any make or model valve.

Together with the resources of Cook Compression, T.F. Hudgins delivers an unparalleled combination of resources to optimize your valve performance, including extensive engineering services, advanced valve dynamics simulation, sophisticated three-dimensional modeling, Finite Element Analysis and innovative materials development programs.

Valve Restraints
For improved safety, stronger valve retention, reduced fugitive emissions and more reliable sealing, T.F. Hudgins offers both conventional-style and Cook Compression HSR high-security valve restraints. All designs provide stronger retention with less maintenance than ordinary jack-bolt restraints.

Restraints may be easily field-retrofitted for most compressors and are available with pneumatic unloader assemblies.

Capacity Controls
Capacity controls from T.F. Hudgins help you improve compression efficiency, reduce power consumption and prolong driver life. We offer custom-engineered plug unloaders, finger unloaders and clearance pockets in a variety of configurations.

Capacity control solutions from T.F. Hudgins are a viable alternative to cylinder modification or replacement, allowing more efficient operation over a wider range of conditions without the expense of new equipment.

Most compressors can be retrofitted in the field and manual unloaders can be converted to pneumatic actuation.

Piston and Rider Rings
T.F. Hudgins provides solutions to your most demanding applications, optimizing ring geometry, features, dimensions and materials to reduce loads and deliver maximum service life.

Backed by the manufacturing expertise and technical resources of Cook Compression, we offer a wide variety of piston ring and rider materials, all tested through Cook Compression in-house engineering analyses, materials laboratory and test compressors. Materials include specially engineered alloys and high-performance thermoplastics, as well as cast iron and bronze.

Comprehensive engineering assistance is available to determine the optimum ring for your application.

Rod Packing
T.F. Hudgins offers seal ring, pressure breaker and wiper ring solutions from the leading manufacturer of sealing products: Cook Compression. We supply rod rings in an array of design options, with material choices from bronze to high-performance non-metallics. We routinely custom-engineer packing with materials and designs optimized for specific applications.

The combined resources of T.F. Hudgins and Cook Compression give you extensive engineering and field support, backed by more than a century of experience in tens of thousands of successful installations.

Compressor Rods
T.F. Hudgins provides premium piston rods for all major makes and models of compressors. Beginning with the highest-quality, mill-certified materials, rods are engineered and manufactured to to perform reliably and deliver lasting value.

Subject to application requirements, rods are industion-hardened or tungsten-carbide coated to resist wear and extend run-times for both the rod and rod packing. Other rods and surface treatments are also available.

T.F. Hudgins offers complete engineering and technical support. We work with you to analyze causes of failures and develop ways to improve rod performance.

Packing Cases
T.F. Hudgins offers a wide assortment of packing cases that are suitable for use at pressures ranging from vacuum to 50,000 psi environments. For lubrication, venting, purging, cooling or other custom-engineered features, T.F. Hudgins delivers proven solutions:

Material options for all gases and pressure conditions
Advanced hyper sealing components
Cases for non-lubricated service
Vented and buffered cases specially designed to reduce fugitive emissions
Custom-engineered packages

Packing cases may be combined with specially designed rings, control systems and/or secondary containment systems in high-performance engineered packages, including VORTEX® cooled packing cases, "Hyper" high-pressure sealing components, and STATIC-PAC® shutdown seals.

T.F. Hudgins supplies both single-piece and segmental piston designs in a wide assortment of materials and specifications. Pistons are machined from cast-iron, aluminum or custom-specified materials.

If needed, T.F. Hudgins can custom-engineer pistons to meet specific application requirements. To assure that piston designs meet or exceed maximum load requirements, each new design is carefully analyzed using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and evaluated based on years of practical experience.

Engineered Coatings
T.F. Hudgins offers a variety of surface treatments for pistons, rods, cylinders and other components, including:

Induction Hardening
PlasKote50+® Coating
Tungsten Carbide Coatings
Nitrite Coatings
P.T.F.E. Coatings

Cylinder Liners
T.F. Hudgins provides new cylinders or liners, manufactured to your specifications.

For an economical alternative to compressor cylinder replacement, T.F. Hudgins offers an assortment of Cook Compression reconditioning services, including cylinder relining, resizing and overall repair. To insure the integrity of your cylinder, we also provide cylinder hydrostatic testing.

With extensive experience and a full range of resources at their disposal, Cook Compression technical specialists have the ability to deliver the most cost-effective solution for your application.

Compression Services

TFH compressor repair imageThe T.F. Hudgins name is synonymous with compressor service. We offer everything from repair services and maintenance contracts to remote diagnostics and analysis training.

Strategically located facilities, specialized equipment, highly experienced personnel and extensive engineering support enable us to provide the quality and responsiveness you need to reduce costs and maximize equipment availability.

Compression Services offered include:

  • Compressor Repair
  • Compressor Valve Repair
  • Advanced Diagnostics Services
  • Lubrication System Services
  • Cylinder Repair and Relining
  • Packing Case Repair
  • Piston and Rod Repair
  • Compressor Analysis and Training
  • Condition Monitoring Workshops
  • Site Surveys and Contract Maintenance
  • Process Equipment Cleaning

Emissions Solutions

T.F. Hudgins helps you reach your emissions goals with a broad range of state-of-the-art products, backed by comprehensive engineering support.

Compressor Emission Solutions
T.F. Hudgins helps you meet the most stringent environmental requirements - today and in the future.

Zero-Emission Systems
T.F. Hudgins offers the first and only true zero-emission system for reciprocating compressors. Easily fitted to most existing equipment, these systems have proven to be ultra-reliable in reaching the most stringent attainment levels in virtually all environments.

Valve Restraint Upgrades
Many OEM valve restraints are the source of significant fugitive emissions.They can also allow valves to loosen while the compressor is running - a common,but serious reliability and safety issue. T.F. Hudgins offers valve restraints that secure valves more dependably. Plus they seal so effectively, they virtually eliminate leakage. Designs are available for easy retrofit to your compressors.

Ultra-Low-Leakage Packing
New packing and seal designs have been shown to dramatically reduce leakage in virtually all compressor services. Because these designs greatly reduce the amount of leaked gas that needs to be contained, product and efficiency losses are minimized. This improved performance may provide a significant savings.

Cylinder Component Upgrades
Unloaders, packing cases, compressor rods, wiper and partition assemblies - T.F. Hudgins offers both modifications and new, ultra-low emission designs for all of these emission sources. These solutions will enable you to both substantially reduce emissions and improve reliability.

TFH 3000 Thermal Mass Flowmeters
The TFH 3000 thermal mass flowmeter provides real-time mass flow measurement for energy and process monitoring applications.

tfh3000_350The TFH 3000 flowmeter delivers highly accurate, direct mass flow measurement, exceptional low-flow sensitivity and fast response. The TFH 3000 measures two process variables with a single instrument, providing isolated 4 to 20 mA and pulse outputs for flow rate and a 4 to 20 mA pulse output for process gas temperature or a second flow rate output.

Other emissions solutions from TF Hudgins include:

  • SlipStream Gas Fuel Recovery Systems
  • Stratus(tm) Diesel Particulate Filters
  • High-Security Valve Restraints
  • BTTU Packing
  • Cook Clean Cases
  • Emission Control Panels



Lubrication Systems

T.F. Hudgins designs, fabricates, installs and services a wide range of custom lubrication systems to meet your specific needs - for any compressor, engine, pump or machine application, in any working condition.

For more than 60 years, we have helped maintenance professionals in a variety of industries achieve optimum lubrication for machines such as Ajax, Ariel, Clark, Cooper, Dresser-Rand, Ingersoll, Joy, Superior, Worthington and many more.

Our lube system experts perform on-site audits, analyze your existing equipment and operations, and prepare a detailed report with recommendations for improvement - all at no cost to you. You'll find all the answers you need at T.F. Hudgins.

Lubrication System Products and Services Include:

  • Design for custom lubrication systems 
  • Lubrication system components
  • Repair services
  • Preventive maintenance programs
  • Lubrication system training
  • Oil mist systems


Machinery Diagnostics and Training (MDT) Analysis Services

T.F. Hudgins provides expertise and advanced monitoring systems for gathering, analyzing and interpreting machinery diagnostic information.
Our teams work with you to enhance safety, maximize reliability and help you achieve true preventive maintenance.

Our MDT Analysis services include:

On demand diagnostics and analysis with Condition Monitor(tm)

T.F. Hudgins Condition Monitor™ streamlines the flow of information between MDT analysts and all functional areas of your plant that benefit from timely, accurate diagnostics. Accessed via mobile app or a Web browser, Condition Monitor is used to upload raw data for analysis, display completed reports and view summary and historical information about machinery.

Centrifugal Machinery Condition Monitoring

Our MDT services improve the safety, reliability and cost-effectiveness of centrifugal equipment, including compressors, turbines, pumps, blowers and more.

  • Increase reliability and uptime
  • Optimize performance
  • Reduce maintenance and operating costs
  • Improve maintenance scheduling
  • Enhance safety
  • Extend Mean Time Between Failure

We offer a complete monitoring solution, with data acquisition, analysis, online reporting, training and consulting to help you achieve your centrifugal machine reliability and condition based maintenance objectives.

  • Experienced, certified analysts
  • Advanced, high-accuracy analyzers
  • Full-service data acquisition, analysis, reporting & consultation
  • On-site & remote on-demand diagnostics and troubleshooting
  • On-line analysis reporting & machine status
  • Centrifugal machinery diagnostics training
  • Single source for all centrifugal & recip machine monitoring

Prognost monitoring systems
For the ultimate in reciprocating equipment safety and reliability, T.F. Hudgins offers the products and services of PROGNOST Systems. PROGNOST Systems GmbH is the world leader in Asset Performance Management Systems. PROGNOST Systems currently has more than 600 installations operating for 100 leading corporations around the world. These systems have improved overall asset management by facilitating predictive maintenance strategies and effectively evaluating the profitability of individual machines.

With over 15 years of engineering experience in recording, analyzing and interpreting high-resolution status data, PROGNOST offers the only system that records and analyzes status data in real time and compares them using "pattern recognition" based on actual experience. This system provides machine operators with a timely analysis in the form of plain text information. Any reciprocating piston machines monitored by this system can be shut down quickly and reliably, with virtually no risk of false trips.

Veros VM Window condition monitoring system

he vmWindow electric motor condition monitoring system provides the information you need for reliable, efficient operation of electric motors and driven machinery.

The vmWindow monitoring system from Veros Systems, Inc., is a virtual machine window into electric motors and driven machinery. It gives you a highly accurate, real-time view of both operating condition and efficiency. The vmWindow system operates on-line, around-the-clock, detecting developing anomalies or faults and delivering actionable information to help you plan and optimize maintenance.

The vmWindow system eliminates costly downtime by accurately detecting and identifying developing electrical or mechanical faults. Early detection extends planning windows for maintenance and reduces the need for emergency repairs. The system also provides power consumption data and economic analyses to help improve energy conversion efficiency and reduce energy costs.


Autocator electronic control systems
T.F. Hudgins provides Autocator® electronic control systems that are used with industrial engines, compressors, pumps, and other equipment. Depending upon your needs, these systems can be custom-designed or off-the-shelf control system solutions.

RemVue(r) Engine and Compressor Control System
The RemVue(r) Engine and Compressor Control System is a PLC integrated control and shutdown system that reduces cost and increases productivity.

  • Improves machine productivity and cost-efficiency
  • Monitors condition and resolves performance issues
  • Easily accommodates expansion and changes
  • Seamlessly incorporates other advanced technologies
  • 24/7 service and support

RemVue systems gives you the precise monitoring and control functions you need to optimize productivity, improve reliability and protect your compression assets. Systems are highly customizable and scalable to suit your changing needs. RemVue Systems offer advanced tools for monitoring and troubleshooting, plus accurate shutdown capability for dependable safety protection.

amotAmot Control Valves
T.F. Hudgins is has been a long-time supplier of AMOT products for control and monitoring of process packages, engines, compressors and pumps used in oil and gas, rail, marine, power generation and other applications.

AMOT is one of the most experienced manufacturers of control systems in the world – particularly in systems for hazardous environments.

Amot Engine Shutdown Devices
Engine Shutdown Devices provide positive shutdown of an engine by closing the fuel supply line, fuel injection pump, or intake air supply.

These devices are typically used together with AMOT safety sensors to provide a complete emergency shutdown system.


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Oil and Fluid Filtration

T.F. Hudgins offers innovative solutions for your liquid filtration needs.

For the advanced protection of ultra-fine particle removal, we supply high-efficiency Spinner II® oil-cleaning centrifuges. These bypass filtration units reduce component wear up to 50%, extend operating intervals, and help you meet the challenges of low-emissions engines by effectively removing soot.

Learn more about Spinner II filters

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Our Stratus diesel particulate filter protects people and the environment by capturing particle matter from exhaust emissions. Stratus filters use active regeneration to reduce downtime and cut operating costs - allowing continuous operation of the machine.

Learn more about Stratus filters

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For media filtration, we provide a broad selection of quality Nugent filters, elements and strainers that combine high flow characteristics with exceptional dirt holding capacities for longer service life.

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