Filtration Equipment



Jamison Products offer an engineered custom design product that will meet the customers, environmental and industry standards. All pressure vessels are designed to ASME with ‘U’ Stamp (if required), also available to international standards (PED – CE Marking, etc.)

The Filters offered have a multitude of options to meet your operation, technical and commercial needs. Depending on the application Jamison Products can offer the following type of Filters:

Bag Filters

Jamison Products filter vessels are engineered to meet process requirements, reliability demands and operational considerations.  With a multitude of custom designs, the cost-effective filter will ensure optimal performance and efficiency.  When required, we will supply Bag Filters with an ASME Code “U” Stamp.  These filters can also be built to international standards, i.e., PED.

Cartridge Filters

Single or multi-cartridge filters are also available to satisfy customer needs.  Jamison Products will custom design an efficient, cost effective, high performance filter to match your requirements.  Cartridge filters can be built to ASME Code requirements with ‘U’ Stamp or to PED international standards.

To meet additional needs, Jamison Products also offers basket strainers that range from a basic filter vessel to a vessel with many features and options.