Compressor Repair

T.F. Hudgins offers complete cylinder and power-end repair services for all major reciprocating compressors, with unmatched expertise in high-pressure compressor applications. The combined resources of T.F. Hudgins and Cook Compression give you a complete, turnkey resource. Strategically located facilities, specialized equipment, highly experienced technicians and extensive engineering support enable us to provide the quality and responsive service you need to reduce costs and maximize equipment availability.

We provide routine component repairs, as well as complex, major shop overhauls, compressor re-rates and field services. We handle every aspect – from complete tear-down and inspection through final repair and assembly. As your single resource for all parts, materials and machining labor, T.F. Hudgins simplifies procurement and enables you to more effectively manage maintenance projects.

Cylinder End Services

  • Compressor cylinder relining, resizing and overall repair
  • PlasKote50+™ cylinder bore plasma coating
  • Hydrostatic pressure testing and cylinder recertification
  • Compressor piston repair and non-lube conversions
  • Compressor piston rod resurfacing, grinding, thread rolling and wearresistant hardening
  • Turnkey low-density polyethylene (LDPE) cylinder reconditioning
  • Pressure and wiper packing case repair and component replacement
  • Crosshead rebabbitting and repair
  • Crosshead slide repair and resizing
  • Compressor frame aligning and boring
  • Compressor and power connecting rod clipping and boring
  • Compressor valve repair

Power End Reconditioning

  • Engine block aligning, boring, sleeving and resurfacing
  • Power cylinder relining
  • Power cylinder head rebuilding
  • Power piston inspection and polishing
  • Power connecting rod repair, clipping and boring
  • Rocker arm renovation
  • Wrist pin inspection, polishing and chroming
  • Shop align boring of main frames and crosshead slides

Compressor Valve Repair

T.F. Hudgins Valve Service Centers offer a unique valve optimization program where repair is just one step in a process of improving overall valve performance and reliability. With over 30 years of valve repair experience, we have the expertise to correctly repair virtually every type of valve.

Benefits to you include:

  • Reduce Maintenance Costs
  • Recover Efficiency
  • Improve Availability
  • Extend Valve Reliability
  • Eliminate Chronic Problems

The T.F. Hudgins Approach

Repair. Each valve undergoes a rigorous inspection and repair procedure to ensure it meets or exceeds new valve specifications. All refurbished valves are backed by a one year warranty.

Analysis. We analyze every valve submitted for repair and assess its condition. This analysis includes complete documentation of all damage found with the mode of failure entered into our database. Our inspection, combined with your valve's repair history, enables us to quickly identify recurring reliability issues. In addition to our expert analysis, you'll get repair recommendations that go beyond traditional "quick fixes" – helping you resolve long-term problems.

Savings. Even minor improvements in valve efficiency can add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings per year. We evaluate your current valve's design, along with providing documentation for any recommended changes and their calculated impact on compressor efficiency and reliability.

Diagnostic and Engineering Studies. Valve life and performance can be significantly reduced with only a slight change from a compressor's original operating conditions or original design. We provide valve design and compressor performance analysis, even gathering on-line compressor data to assure accuracy. Our recommendations are based on real operating conditions.

Engineering Support. Expert help is always available from the industry's leading valve engineers. We offer technical support, provide failure analysis, recommend improvements for existing valve designs or custom-engineer valves utilizing the latest, high-performance materials and technology.

Tracking System. Our sophisticated data tracking software enables us to quickly spot reliability issues. Chronic problems are detected, giving you effective, long-term solutions. Valves at the end of their service life are identified before even beginning a repair, saving you time and money.

Diagnostics Services

T.F. Hudgins provides expertise, equipment and automated systems for monitoring, gathering, analyzing and interpreting diagnostic information used to enhance the operation of compressors, diesel engines and natural gas engines.

These resources allow machinery operators to enhance safety, maximize reliability and achieve true preventive maintenance.

On-Demand Diagnostics
T. F. Hudgins Machinery Diagnostics and Training (MDT) is a practical, cost-effective solution to help you optimize maintenance while using fewer internal resources.

We provide on-demand, remote access to our industry-leading analysis expertise – at any time, from anywhere in the world. What's more, T.F. Hudgins MDT dramatically improves communication with Condition Monitor™, our innovative Web-based system for reporting, prioritizing and managing your maintenance requirements.

Condition Analysis and Performance Evaluation of:

  • Natural Gas Engines
  • Diesel Engines
  • Reciprocating Compressors
  • LDPE Hyper-compressors
  • Rotating Equipment
  • B Probe Inspection of Bearing Clearances
  • Boroscope and Videoscope Mechanical Analysis
  • Compressor Valve and Unloader Evaluation
  • Economic Evaluation of Machinery – Upgrades and Re-Rates
  • Personnel Training

Lubrication Systems Services

From repair and maintenance services to new system installations, T.F. Hudgins is your source for lubrication system products and expertise.

  • 24-Hour Emergency Support
  • Fast Repair Turnaround
  • Monthly, Quarterly & Annual Preventive Maintenance Programs
  • System Performance Upgrades
  • Turnkey Installation
  • Lubrication System Training

From pumps and block sections to lubrication boxes and complete lubrication systems, T.F. Hudgins factory-authorized repair center can return your components to like-new condition. We service all brands and even provide a one-year warranty on all repaired components.

Field Service
T.F. Hudgins is your lubrication field service expert. Our services include everything from complete installation of new systems and PM maintenance programs to expert troubleshooting assistance available 24 hours a day.

Hyper System Upgrades
Extend compressor and lube system component life with T.F. Hudgins' system upgrades, engineered to improve lubrication delivery reliability. T.F. Hudgins is the nation's only factory-approved high-pressure repair center, with test capabilities to 60,000 psig.

Oil Mist Systems & Service
Get complete installation and maintenance service programs for all your oil mist system needs.

System Surveys
Take advantage of comprehensive lubrication system surveys, offered at no cost to you. T.F. Hudgins lube system experts perform on-site audits, analyze your existing equipment and operations, and prepare a detailed report with recommendations for improvement.

Lubrication Training
T.F. Hudgins offers on-site lubrication system training for your operators, mechanics and engineers. Classes cover the spectrum of lube system operation, from design basics to advanced troubleshooting methods.

Cylinder Repair and Relining

T.F. Hudgins provides complete cylinder relining, resizing, LDPE reconditioning and overall repair, as well as plasma and conventional cylinder bore coating. We rebuild and restore worn cylinders to original manufacturer's specifications for all major compressors, including Ariel, Chicago Pneumatic, Gardner Denver, Joy, I/R ESH, RDS, HOS, Knox Western, Worthington Super Cub, ESV, RDH and Gemini

We also perform these related services:

  • Resurface valve decks
  • Crack repair
  • Stud hole repair
  • Gasket surface and flange face resurfacing to ensure proper fit and function
  • Hydrostatic Testing
  • We perform hydrostatic testing and recertification to ensure the integrity of your cylinder.

Packing Case Repair

T.F. Hudgins re-manufactures worn compressor packing cases to OEM specifications. With the combined engineering and manufacturing expertise of T.F. Hudgins and Cook Compression, we have the resources to do the job accurately and efficiently.

Overview of Packing Case Re-Manufacturing

  • All cups are thoroughly inspected.
  • Cups are machined as required to original depths to ensure proper side clearance.
  • All flat surfaces are also machined to parallel so the packing rings can be at 90-degree angles to the rod. This assures a tight gas seal between the packing ID and the rod OD.
  • Sealing surfaces are lapped and inspected for cracks and other imperfections.
  • Lapped surfaces are finished to within two light bands of absolute flat. This ensures proper sealing of packing to the cup and a bottle-tight cup-to-cup seal.
  • The lapping table is routinely measured for flatness with optical equipment. This provides a flat cup for a positive metal-to-metal seal.
  • All cases are carefully assembled using genuine Cook Compression packing, gaskets, o-rings and other parts as required.

Piston and Rod Repair

T.F. Hudgins provides a comprehensive package of repair services and replacement parts for reciprocating machinery, including:

  • Compressor piston repair
  • Piston non-lube conversions
  • Compressor piston rod resurfacing, grinding, thread rolling and wear-resistant hardening

We offer repair services and replacement parts for all major OEM compressors, including unmatched expertise in high-pressure compressors. Highly skilled technicians and extensive engineering and technical support, assure all parts meet or exceed OEM specifications.

Site Surveys and Contract Maintenance

Site Surveys
Take advantage of comprehensive site surveys, offered at no cost to you.

T.F. Hudgins experts perform on-site audits, analyze your existing equipment and operations, and prepare a detailed report with recommendations for improvement.

Contract Maintenance
T.F. Hudgins is ready to serve your maintenance and repair requirements on an as-needed basis. However, there are important advantages to establishing a regular, stategic maintenance program that covers a specified period of time:

  • Allows predictive maintenance
  • Increases equipment availability
  • Improves personnel safety
  • Eliminates unplanned equipment shutdowns
  • Extends the period between scheduled overhauls
  • Reduces spare parts inventories
  • Improves product quality
  • Ensures that new and rebuilt equipment meet specifications

T.F. Hudgins will perform contract maintenance for machinery diagnostics and analytical services, vibration monitoring, compressor field repair services, automatic lubrication systems and more. For details, contact your T.F. Hudgins representative.

Compressor Analysis and Training

T.F. Hudgins Machinery Diagnostics and Training offers an extensive machinery diagnostics and optimization curriculum at the MDT training center in Houston, as well as regional locations. Depending upon your needs, MDT will also conduct training at your site, customized to meet your unique requirements.

Course are based on these topics:

  • Compressor Application and Analysis
  • Compressor Fundamentals
  • Diesel Engine Application and Analysis
  • Gas Engine Application and Analysis
  • High-Speed Engine/Compressor Application and Analysis

Courses are designed to provide practical instruction for operators of gas engines, diesel engines, compressors and pumps. From basic equipment operation to advanced spectrum analysis, these courses enable personnel to reduce maintenance and operating costs, optimize performance, improve equipment availability and extend equipment life.

Unlike other training programs, T.F. Hudgins MDT offers instruction for multiple hardware/software platforms. Training is provided for all major portable analyzers, including Windrock, Recip-Trap and PFM.

Teaching from Experience
Courses are led by veteran instructors with extensive mechanical backgrounds and 20+ years of industry experience.

Training programs are designed to suit unique customer requirements. Content can be customized for specific needs, and may be presented in English or Spanish.

For added convenience, training may be conducted at the customer's site or the MDT Houston campus.

Process Equipment Cleaning

T.F. Hudgins offers dependable, efficient cleaning of plant process equipment from an experienced industry specialist: Gly-Tech Services. Quality cleaning services and complete technical support from Gly-Tech and T.F. Hudgins help improve plant reliability by keeping equipment and processes performing according to specifications.

Boost Process Reliability
Gly-Tech cleans a full range of refinery and petrochemical plant process equipment in preparation for routine maintenance, scheduled inspections, service changes, mechanical repairs and equipment upgrades.

Gly-Tech provides turnkey service, applying the most effective techniques and equipment for your needs:

  • Cleaning & Flushing
  • High-Velocity Oil & Chemical Cleaning
  • Fluid Cleaning
  • Lube Oil Purification

Gly-Tech teams provide safe, high-quality workmanship and fast turnaround to restore productivity and return your equipment to service with minimal downtime.

Line Cleaning & Flushing

Gly-Tech provides safe and thorough high velocity flushing for pre-operative and maintenance cleaning of lubrication and hydraulic systems.

  • High-velocity flushing: > 4000 Reynolds factor
  • Meets or exceeds equipment specifications: ISO, NAS, SAE
  • Particulate removal
  • Water removal
  • Pre-operative & maintenance services
  • Closed-loop system
  • Sized to meet flow rate & filtration requirements

Gly-Tech services assure the reliability of rotating equipment and tight-tolerance/critical-path systems. These services will meet or exceed equipment manufacturer's specifications, including ISO, NAS and SAE.

Chemical Cleaning

Gly-Tech chemical cleaning removes fouling from tanks, process vessels, pipelines and tubing. The process is used for new construction (pre-operative) cleaning, as well as routine maintenance.

  • Pre-Operative Cleaning
  • New construction/fabrication of piping and or process systems
  • Maintenance
  • Process Towers
  • Process Vessels
  • Exchangers
  • Pipeline Cleaning

Gly-Tech chemical cleaning is typically conducted within a closed loop system, with corrosion coupons used to verify the progress and effectiveness of the cleaning process. Chemistries and procedures are tailored for maximum results in each application.

Industrial Fluid & Lube Oil Cleaning

Gly-Tech fluid cleaning services protect bearings, seals, valves and pumps by effectively removing contaminants from lube oil and hydraulic oil systems:

  • Sand
  • Rust
  • Mill scale
  • Welding slag
  • Corrosion products
  • Construction debris

Proven procedures and highly experienced project teams help assure the success of commissioning and post-maintenance re-starts by purifying lubricants and industrial fluids to meet or exceed customer specifications.