From repair and maintenance services to new system installations, T.F. Hudgins is your source for lubrication system products and expertise.

  • 24-Hour Emergency Support
  • Fast Repair Turnaround
  • Monthly, Quarterly & Annual Preventive Maintenance Programs
  • System Performance Upgrades
  • Turnkey Installation
  • Lubrication System Training

From pumps and block sections to lubrication boxes and complete lubrication systems, T.F. Hudgins factory-authorized repair center can return your components to like-new condition. We service all brands and even provide a one-year warranty on all repaired components.

Field Service
T.F. Hudgins is your lubrication field service expert. Our services include everything from complete installation of new systems and PM maintenance programs to expert troubleshooting assistance available 24 hours a day.

Hyper System Upgrades
Extend compressor and lube system component life with T.F. Hudgins' system upgrades, engineered to improve lubrication delivery reliability. T.F. Hudgins is the nation's only factory-approved high-pressure repair center,with test capabilities to 60,000 psig.

Oil Mist Systems & Service
Get complete installation and maintenance service programs for all your oil mist system needs.

System Surveys
Take advantage of comprehensive lubrication system surveys, offered at no cost to you. T.F. Hudgins lube system experts perform on-site audits, analyze your existing equipment and operations, and prepare a detailed report with recommendations for improvement.

Lubrication Training
T.F. Hudgins offers on-site lubrication system training for your operators, mechanics and engineers. Classes cover the spectrum of lube system operation, from design basics to advanced troubleshooting methods.

High-pressure, low-pressure or any application in between – if your lubrication components have failed or become inefficient, send them to T.F. Hudgins. We'll return them to peak condition with the same cost-effective, responsive service you've come to expect from the Lubrication Systems Specialist.

Preventive Maintenance Programs

T.F. Hudgins designs, builds, installs, and services a wide range of lubrication systems for countless applications. We offer lubrication expertise and solutions to quality-conscious companies looking to reduce costs by using outstanding products and the resources of an experienced business partner.

For over fifty years, T.F. Hudgins has helped both end-users and manufacturers fulfill their unique needs while achieving optimum efficiency and productivity. To assure the integrity of your systems - and to avoid untimely and costly downtime - count on the experience of T.F. Hudgins for routine inspection and maintenance your lubrication system investment.

Monthly Maintenance
During Monthly PM procedures, T.F. Hudgins technicains inspect the system for fault lights, inspect the system for correct lubrication output, inspect pressure gauges, inspect system components for malfunction or wear, inspect the system for leaks, inspect the reservoir level, inspect indicators and provide a written report of findings.

Quarterly Maintenance
In Quarterly PM procedures, technicians remove pumps and clean boxes or reservoirs, change oil in the gear boxes, visually inspect pumps for wear, change all filters and purge all lines of air.

These services are in addition to all preventive maintenance procedures included in a Monthly PM:

  • Inspect system for fault lights
  • Inspect system for correct lubrication output
  • Inspect pressure gauges
  • Inspect system components for malfunction or wear
  • Inspect system for leaks
  • Inspect reservoir levels
  • Inspect indicators
  • Prepare a written report of findings

Annual Maintenance
During an Annual PM procedure, T.F. Hudgins technicians pressure test divider blocks, test check valves, check lube lines for build-up, and flush all lube lines.

These services are performed along with all other Monthly and Quarterly PM procedures:

  • Inspect system for fault lights
  • Inspect system for correct lubrication output
  • Inspect pressure gauges
  • Inspect system components for malfunction or wear
  • Inspect system for leaks
  • Inspect reservoir levels
  • Inspect indicators
  • Remove pumps and clean boxes or reservoirs
  • Change oil in gear boxes
  • Visually inspect pumps for wear
  • Change all filters
  • Purge all lines of air
  • Prepare a written report of findings

Oil Mist System Services

T. F. Hudgins offers a full range of services to design, install, maintain and optimize the performance of your oil mist lubrication systems.

We service and provide replacement components for all makes, sizes and designs of oil mist systems, in any application. We have extensive experience with oil mist lubrication of centrifugal pumps, electric motors, turbines and other roller-type bearing applications in refinery, petrochemical and general industrial environments. We understand the impact of downtime on your operations and takes quick action to restore your systems.

Maintenance Contracts
We offer periodic oil mist system maintenance programs, with service intervals to suit your specific needs. We perform all routine checks and maintenance procedures, making repairs as needed and delivering complete reports on system status and recommendations for improvement.

Turnkey Installation
T.F. Hudgins can configure, size and install your oil mist systems – regardless of the type or make of components. Our expertise ensures that your system performs according to design specifications.

System Extensions
As your lubrication needs change, trust T.F. Hudgins to expand and modify your oil mist system for optimal performance. We also provide the assistance you need to replace piping and restore your systems after unit turnarounds.

Lubrication Systems Training

To help improve the effectiveness of your maintenance program, T.F. Hudgins provides on-site Lubrication School courses. For a nominal fee, Lubrication School is available to anyone with automated lube systems, regardless of whether you have used T.F. Hudgins equipment or service.

Practical Knowledge
Performed at your plant, or at any convenient off-site location, Lubrication School presents live demonstrations using an automated lubrication test stand to give students practical knowledge of:

  • Overall system operation
  • Divider block operation
  • Monitor operation

Using actual hardware, instructors simulate troubleshooting situations so that students will be able to accurately diagnose and repair common problems.

Lubrication School includes an in-depth presentation featuring:

Fundamentals of Tribology

  • What is friction?
  • What is wear?
  • Specifics of lubrication
  • An analogy for "Ideal Lubrication"

Pump to Point Lubrication Systems

  • History
  • Pump types, function, operation
  • Drawbacks

Divider Block Systems

  • History
  • System designs
  • MVB Pump design & operation
  • Divider block design & operation
  • Divider block benefits
  • Reservoir options & benefits

Pre-Testing & Post-Testing
Lubrication School is designed to accomplish all this in just four hours. However, course topics can be customized according to your needs.

Call Your Lubrication Solutions Specialist
Your instructors are highly trained veterans with many years of practical experience in designing, installing, troubleshooting and repairing systems in a broad range of applications and environments.

Students receive certificates indicating successful completion of the course. In some cases, Lubrication School training helps satisfy company training and continuing education requirements.