Operator Care Program Produces Results

Operator Care Program Produces Results

Creating an Operator Care Program That Produces Results

Many people try to integrate Operators into the maintenance process, but few succeed in creating something lasting and real. In this webinar, Mike Gehloff gives you some advice on how and where the Operators best fit in your overall maintenance strategy, how to develop true team engagement in the process, and how to build something that continues to grow and produce results without end. Some of the topics discussed include:

  • Establishing a collaborative team (Maintenance and Operations) on the front line that owns the process
  • The simple use of metrics, goals, and empowerment to drive improvements
  • Our need to change from “Administrators” to “Leaders” in order to drive continuous improvement
  • Continuous learning and the Single Point Lesson
  • Prioritizing and addressing abnormalities as a team
  • The importance of visual management and active communication
  • The kind of results you can expect to see

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