RCM Culture

RCM Culture

RCM Blitz®: How to build an RCM culture at your company

Doug Plucknette, Principal and RCM Discipline Leader with Allied Reliability, presents this informative webinar on how to go about building a culture that embraces Reliability-Centered Maintenance (RCM) at your company.

While many view RCM as an advanced or complex reliability tool that only works well in a mature organization, Doug reveals techniques he has used to help companies understand what it takes to start and maintain a successful RCM effort.

Doug shows you how to build a business case for RCM, how to select assets that will provide a return on investment, what it takes to successfully implement RCM tasks, and what it takes to sustain the improvement you recognize from each analysis. In addition, he shows you the 8 simple steps that have made RCM Blitz® one of the most recognized RCM methodologies in the world.

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