Measure, Manage, and Control Your STO Events

Shutdowns, Turnarounds, and Outages (STO) represent a significant but necessary disruption in your normal business process. With proper management, these events can be leveraged to provide a measurable strategic advantage to your organization.

This course provides practical and immediately transferrable knowledge on the preparation and management of industrial STO events. It concludes with a visioning exercise to design a framework from scratch, or identify improvements to existing STO frameworks, based on the lessons learned.

During this session, the award-winning Outage! business simulation will be leveraged to prepare for and execute an outage, all from the safety and comfort of the classroom.

What you will learn:

  • How to design a fundamental outage framework to manage your STO process
  • How to analyze and critique your current STO process
  • The requirements for developing and delivering a communication plan in preparation for an upcoming STO event
  • How to define and calculate the critical path for any set of tasks and make important management decisions based on this calculation
  • How to determine the critical risk factors and the appropriate risk mitigation actions to be taken
  • The techniques used to manage scope creep and how to apply them to ensure scope freeze
  • How to optimize the duration of individual tasks, and thus optimize the overall STO duration
  • How to establish a set of metrics to measure the success of your STO event
  • Visual management techniques for managing the performance of your STO event and how to apply them
  • How to use a Gantt chart to track and report STO progress
  • What is necessary for developing a post-outage review report and corresponding improvement plan
  • How to develop an actionable plan to map future improvement activities in your STO process

Who should attend?

Maintenance or Operations Superintendents, Maintenance Managers, Shutdown Managers, Maintenance Planners, Reliability Engineers, and anyone involved in STO events.

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