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Asset Health Assurance

Reduce failure-related repair and replacement costs and improve overall equipment effectiveness.

Allied Reliability’s Asset Health Assurance (AHA) consulting offering begins by addressing two basic but critical questions: “How Much?” and “How Well?” How much refers to the percentage of the asset base being covered, and the number of failure modes addressed on those assets. How well refers to the amount of rigor being applied to these standards across all facilities.

Allied Reliability works within your organization to focus on the early identification and elimination of defects. This early identification of the defects will then lead to consulting and coaching on facilitating proactive work. This is in marked contrast to utilizing technologies to optimize a run-to-failure maintenance strategy.

If you have an optimized preventive maintenance (PM) / condition monitoring process that is failure mode driven, that process (including inspections and follow-up work) drives 75-85% of your workflow. If you plan and schedule your work, execute the work with precision, and have a continuous improvement process, you will be a pacesetter.

Asset Health Assurance deliverables:

  • Walkdown/Criticality QA/QC
  • Failure Mode Analysis (FMA)
  • Equipment Maintenance Plan (EMP) Development
  • Predictive Maintenance (PdM) Sourcing Strategy
  • Creation of Operational Policies and Standards
  • PM Optimization

A graphical representation of the AHA process is shown below.

Asset Health Assurance Process

Asset Health Management/Asset Health Program Design

The Asset Health Management consulting deliverable begins by identifying and arranging all assets by criticality ranking and then positioning them on a proactive maintenance strategy matrix containing all possible predictive technologies, preventive tasks, and condition monitoring tasks.

Proactive strategies are then identified for each critical asset, making sure they are addressing specific asset failure modes. “Best Investment” is analyzed and evaluated comparing strategies against 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th levels of industry quartile coverage. An economic analysis then evaluates the appropriate quartile coverage for each asset with respect to the consequences of functional asset failures.

Allied Reliability consultants work with your team to design a fully customizable equipment maintenance strategy, with all pre-defined failure modes having specific technologies and PM tasks assigned that will allow for the identification of those defects. This includes all lubrication-related strategies and procedures.

Scope of deliverable:

  • Design/improvement of a PM/PdM Program
  • An at-a-glance view of the PdM technologies and PM tasks that will be used to address specific failure modes in your assets
  • Technologies and tasks assigned based on known failure modes of different components

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