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Our wide selection of fluid control products helps to increase machinery reliability, longevity, performance, safety, and environmental compliance. We offer pneumatic, hydraulic, and electric safety and sequencing controls; thermostatic valves and electronic temperature controllers; temperature, pressure, and vibration switches and sensors.

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Autocator® Control Systems

Allied Reliability provides Autocator® electronic control systems that are used with industrial engines, compressors, pumps, and other equipment. Depending upon your needs, these systems can be custom-designed or provided as an off-the-shelf solution.

Our turnkey service includes design, assembly, programming, system integration, installation, and support using the industry's premier electronic components.

Purge Control & Monitoring Systems

Purge Control systems control and monitor the flow of buffer gas to a compressor packing case. A packing case contains sealing rings, which act to keep the compressed gas in the cylinder from migrating down the compressor rod. This equates to compressor efficiency, safety, and enables the compressor cylinder to operate without exceeding air quality emissions standards. Purge Control systems enable the operator to quantify the amount of leakage past the rings and which rings in the packing case are leaking. Purge Control panels are normally used in EPA non-attainment areas or where process gas leakage presents a health safety hazard to personnel.

Pneumatic Control Systems

Autocator Products’ experience in Pneumatic controls is unmatched. Standard and custom Autocator pneumatic control systems can perform a wide range of tasks such as start/stop sequencing; pre- and post-lube; safety alarm or shutdown; and loading and unloading for automatic, semi-automatic and remote operation.

Unloader Control Systems

Compressor Un-loader Control panels are used to actuate large valves that control how much pressure is developed in the compressor cylinder by varying the trapped volume of the cylinder. Air pressure is available at most compressor sites and provides an efficient method of developing the torque necessary to change the state of the un-loader valves. Gas transmission companies utilize un-loader valves to control the pressure and volume in their pipeline systems.

Control Valves & Safety Control

T.F. Hudgins has been a long-time supplier of AMOT products for the control and monitoring of process packages, engines, compressors, and pumps used in oil and gas, rail, marine, power generation, and other applications.

AMOT is one of the most experienced manufacturers of control systems in the world, particularly in systems for hazardous environments.

Temperature Control Valves

We offer AMOT thermostatic control valves, which are used for accurate temperature control of liquids in diverting or mixing services.

Typical applications include temperature control of cooling or heating systems, lube oil systems, cogeneration systems, heat recovery loops, process control, and other mixing or diverting temperature control systems.

Three distinct temperature control valve groups are available:

  • 2-Way Thermostatic Valves, self-powered. Ideally suited to minimize water usage (water saver) in a city or river water cooling system used on compressors, oil coolers, tank heating, and cooling services. For larger flow rates, use a 3-way valve with port B blocked off.
  • 3-Way Temperature Control Valves, electric or pneumatic actuated. For tighter temperature control, remote sensing, and low-pressure drop.
  • 3-Way Thermostatic Valves, self-powered. Traditional AMOT valve with internal sensing temperature elements. For the 2-way valve, block port B on the valve.
Fuel Control Valves

AMOT gas fuel metering valve designed for use with industrial and aeroderivative gas turbines. The balanced rotary valve features fast operation with very high precision and a large turn-down ratio for reliable and efficient control. Applications include Co-Generation Packages, Gen Set Packages, and Compressor Plugs.

Engine Shutdown Device

Engine shutdown devices provide positive shutdown of an engine by closing the fuel supply line, fuel injection pump, or intake air supply. These devices are typically used together with AMOT safety sensors to provide a complete emergency shutdown system. For an indication of which sensor tripped, use Model 4054 Trip Indicator.

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