Oil Mist Lubrication Systems

by T.F. Hudgins, an Allied Reliability brand

Reliable Lubrication

Our oil mist lubrication systems provide reliable lubrication for rolling element bearings and metal surfaces in centrifugal pumps, electric motors, steam turbines, and a broad range of rotating machinery. These systems meter a precise amount of oil to each bearing, resulting in highly effective lubrication, decreased oil consumption, and lower overall maintenance costs.

Continuous, thin-film oil mist lubrication allows bearings to run cooler while significantly extending the service life of both bearings and mechanical seals. Compared to conventional liquid/sump lubrication, oil mist systems decrease liquid oil usage by as much as 40% while eliminating the need for oil changes. Reduced oil consumption lowers operating costs and helps protect the environment by eliminating waste.

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Oil Mist Lubrication System

Key Advantages

  • Reduces bearing failures up to 90%
  • Reduces mechanical seal failures by up to 30%
  • Bearings run 15°F to 35°F cooler
  • Reduces lubricant consumption by up to 40%
  • Safe/non-hazardous
  • Reduces overall maintenance costs

Efficient by Design

Our centralized oil mist systems atomize oil into small particles, which are conveyed by a low-pressure distribution system to multiple machinery bearings. Base system components include an oil mist generator, header pipe system for mist transfer and reclassifiers that control the mist flow to each application point.​

Our systems are engineered to deliver trouble-free operations and ease of maintenance. Quality construction and robust components assure consistently precise operation and extended service life. Our oil mist generators are available in three configurations to serve a variety of lubrication points and operating requirements, and they include a proprietary cartridge design with improved misting capabilities at low air pressure.

ISO 9001 Certified

T.F. Hudgins is in conformance with ISO 9001:2015 for the Design and Manufacture of Oil Mist and Compressor Lubrication Systems

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