Automatic Lubrication Systems

Accurate, Precise, Reliable

T.F. Hudgins, an Allied Reliability brand, designs, fabricates, installs, and services a wide range of automatic lubrication systems to meet your specific needs – for any compressor, engine, pump, or machine application in any working condition. For more than 75 years, we have helped maintenance professionals in a variety of industries achieve optimum lubrication for machines such as Ajax, Ariel, Clark, Cooper, Dresser-Rand, Ingersoll, Joy, Superior, Worthington, and many more.

Oil Mist Lubrication System

Custom Lubrication System Design

Engineered for reliability, our systems are the industry standard in durability and performance. Each system is custom designed to meet the exact requirements of your industrial applications.

  • Built to meet any specification in any environment
  • Distributes precise amount of lubricant to all lubrication points
  • Designed and built by highly trained experts
  • Quality parts and materials
  • Turnkey installation available

Custom Lubrication Systems

custom lubrication systems with enclosed panels

Lubrication System Repairs and Maintenance

We inspect, repair, and rebuild an expansive range of lubrication system pumps, gearboxes, check valves, divider valves, and other components for virtually all types of force-feeding and centralized, automatic lubrication systems. Every component we rebuild must meet its specified pressure and flow ratings and pass leak and displacement testing (where applicable) before we return the component to you.

Lubrication System Repairs

Ultra-High Pressure Systems

One of the most critical and demanding lubrication applications is high-pressure lubrication delivery to LDPE compressors. T.F. Hudgins is the industry leader in high-pressure lubrication delivery, developing custom-designed systems that use proprietary technologies. T.F. Hudgins also performs Hyper System Upgrades and is the only factory-approved high-pressure repair center, with test capabilities to 60,000 PSIG.

Ultra-High Pressure Systems

Oil Mist Lubrication Systems

Oil mist lubrication is a safe way to reduce maintenance, cut costs, and extend the life of your equipment. We are industry leaders in reliability and pride ourselves in applying the most tried-and-true lubrication solutions for our customers. We service and install all makes, sizes, and designs of oil mist systems in any application.

Oil Mist Lubrication Systems

Lubrication System Components

From valves to panel systems, we repair, install, and provide quality parts for any application. T.F. Hudgins' reliability engineers can help guide you in the selection, design, maintenance, and installation of lubrication equipment to ensure you maintain operational excellence at your facility. Products include lubricators, pump packages, divider valves, and other accessories.

Lubrication System Components

No-Cost Evaluation

Our lube system experts will perform on-site audits, analyze your existing equipment and operations, and prepare a detailed report with recommendations for improvement — all at no cost to you.

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Other Services Offered

  • 24-Hour Emergency Support
  • Fast Repair Turnaround
  • Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual Preventive Maintenance Programs
  • System Performance Upgrades
  • Turnkey Installation
  • Lubrication System Training

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