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Whether you're just starting off or need to fine-tune an existing skill, our maintenance and reliability training courses can help you reach your goals. Our experienced training instructors are here to provide the training you need so you can stay ahead. Not only will you get the latest insights from instructors who work in the field, our partnership with the University of Tennessee’s Reliability and Maintainability Center (RMC) means you can earn continuing education credits that you can use for maintenance and reliability roles at any company.

To give you more flexibility, we are now offering virtual delivery options for select courses. With our new training platform, you can now attend a public class from your home or office, or set up a private class with co-workers across multiple sites.

Get started by exploring our maintenance and reliability training courses below.

Condition Monitoring Fundamentals
This course is designed to teach the fundamental principles of the five predictive technologies most prevalent in the industry today: vibration analysis, infrared thermography, airborne and structure-borne ultrasonics, oil analysis, and motor circuit analysis
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Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
This workshop solves plant equipment problems as you learn facilitation skills for an effective Root Cause Analysis (RCA).
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Planning & Scheduling Fundamentals
This course, paired with the Outage! experience, teaches maintenance planning and scheduling best practices to more efficiently use maintenance labor and reduce time to effectively plan work, as well as proven methods for backlog management and work prioritization.
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Reliability Improvement Roadmap Workshop
This workshop introduces the strategies required for asset reliability improvement initiatives to attain a higher likelihood of success and drive sustainable productivity gains.
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Advanced Reciprocating Compressor Analysis
This course provides a deeper dive into the applications of reciprocating compressor analysis data.
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Shutdown, Turnaround, Outage (STO)
Shutdowns, Turnarounds, and Outages (STO) represent a significant but necessary disruption in your normal business process. With proper management, these events can be leveraged to provide a measurable strategic advantage to your organization.
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Intermediate Planning & Scheduling
This course provides the tools to build effective, repeatable procedures for PMs, job plans, lubrication procedures, operator checklists, and operational procedures.
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Reliability Fundamentals
This course is designed to teach the principles of improving asset management and maintenance decision making using proven reliability engineering principles.
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Basic Reciprocating Compressor Analysis
This course builds knowledge of compressor design and applications. Topics covered include lubrication, valve design, capacity control, material options, and performance measurement.
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Introduction to Reliability Centered Lubrication (RCL)
This introductory course provides an overview of RCL and the parameters required to develop, implement, and maintain a high-quality lubrication and contamination control program.
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Leading Reliability Improvement
This course teaches the strategies required for leading asset reliability improvement initiatives to attain a higher likelihood of success and deliver sustainable productivity. The approach uses lectures, exercises, and group discussion.
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