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We help manufacturers deliver throughput at lowest operating cost while managing asset risk.

Our Approach

As asset management and reliability consultants, Allied Reliability has the most flexible and comprehensive offering in the marketplace. Through our Do/Teach/Find approach, we can:

  • Train, Coach, and Mentor your current staff to execute work through our Consulting and Training programs;
  • Execute work through our Condition Monitoring and Reliability Solutions teams;
  • Supply equipment and aftermarket repair services for select industrial equipment;
  • Find new talent in the open marketplace to execute the value tasks through our Recruiting and Staffing team; and,
  • Provide you with superior tools, libraries, and inspection services.

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Why Choose Allied Reliability?

  • Experience: Allied Reliability was founded by individuals who played a key role in shaping the maintenance reliability best practice consulting field. That legacy helps us attract and hire some of our field's best and most seasoned experts. Together, our practitioners represent expertise across more verticals than any other provider. Our management systems and best practices capture that knowledge to ensure consistent, high-quality service delivery to our clients.
  • Partner: When you hire us, you hire a partner. We don’t drop the recommendation on your desk and leave. Instead, we listen and develop a solution that meets your challenge regardless of where you are on your journey. Then, we develop leadership alignment and a governance structure to ensure our solutions are understood and adopted. We stay with you through execution, helping where needed, capturing KPIs, and helping with continuous improvement.
  • Lifecycle: We have a proven asset management methodology to help you manage your assets across their entire lifecycle. The approach ensures that business strategy is connected to asset strategy, facilitates continuous improvement, and allows for entry into the process at any point, regardless of company maturity.
lifecycle of the asset

Engineered Product Solutions

We specialize in protecting assets and driving reliability improvements for reciprocating and rotating machinery using proven solutions and in-depth application expertise. We leverage internal engineering, manufacturing, and project management capabilities, as well as the resources of leading manufacturing partners, to yield meaningful improvements in productivity, longevity, efficiency, cost-effectiveness, safety, and environmental compliance.

T.F. Hudgins

Providing engineered products and services that improve the reliability of high-value equipment for a wide range of heavy industries, including petrochemical, refining, natural gas, manufacturing, mining, and transportation.

Engineered Products

Jamison Products

Jamison offers a wide range of standard and custom-designed engineered products for all fluid handling industries.

Fluid Handling Products

Texas Rotating Equipment (TRE)

Texas Rotating Equipment improves your company's steam-driven turbines, pumps, and gearboxes, providing superior service with fair and honest estimates.

Rotating Equipment Repair

Spinner II

The worldwide leader in bypass filtration, Spinner II produces centrifuges that use the power of centrifugal force to remove contaminants and reduce critical component wear by up to 50%.

Oil Filtration Products

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At Allied Reliability, we strive to improve operations for companies that are passionate about advancing their growth and productivity.

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Allied Reliability works with highly skilled candidates to seek out more than what you have on paper.

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Lubricants for Industrial Businesses

Allied Reliability is a wholly owned subsidiary of Shell Lubricants.

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Core Values

Movement and change are constant. If you’re not growing, you’re shrinking. That’s the overall guiding principle we live by at Allied Reliability. We strive daily to grow as individuals, our company, and our customers.

We are Genuine. We act with integrity and are consistently open, honest, and ethical.
R We are Relentlessly Accountable. We deliver what we promise. By living up to our commitments, others come to trust and count on us.
O We deliver Outstanding Customer Service. We are committed to exceeding customer expectations by delivering quality, innovative, tailored solutions.
W We develop our Workforce. We foster a culture where we share, learn, and encourage one another to develop and achieve common goals as a community.

Our strength lies in the diversity of our people and products/services. We operate as one company, sharing best practices, leveraging each other’s strengths, and living our core values.

Our Hertiage

In 1997, Allied Reliability Group, now known as Allied Reliability, Inc. (Allied), was formed. Since then, we have continued to grow our capabilities and evolve to better serve the market’s needs. With our expanded service footprint, we are now one of the largest engineering, training, consulting, and services firms focused on asset management as well as predictive and preventive maintenance.

Allied Reliability, Inc. has successfully built a rock-solid foundation of technical advisors and analysts to deliver world-class results and has attracted some of the most recognized subject matter experts and thought leaders in our industry. Allied uses highly trained, professionally certified technical analysts with a vast set of experience, education, and knowledge base representing a robust list of industry verticals and engineering disciplines, including manufacturing, industrial, electrical, and mechanical.

In 2016, T.F. Hudgins merged with Allied Reliability. Founded in 1947, T.F. Hudgins is a company that provides a portfolio of engineered products and services that improve the reliability of high-value equipment. Primary end-markets include midstream oil & gas, petrochemical, refining and other industrial process industries.

The merger combined the domain expertise and resources of leading companies focused on improving the reliability and performance of a broad range of high-value assets operating in a variety of applications. By providing unique and integrated asset reliability solutions, the company offers an expanded portfolio of hardware, software, and value-added services to their clients.

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