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Since our founding in 1947, T.F. Hudgins, an Allied Reliability brand, has delivered engineered product and service solutions for compressors, engines, pumps, motors, and other machinery with a focus on increasing reliability, longevity, performance, safety, and environmental compliance.

T.F. Hudgins - an Allied Reliability brand

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Steam Turbine Parts

T.F. Hudgins manufactures a wide variety of OEM replacement single-stage steam turbine parts that meet or exceed original specifications and material standards. We manufacture and stock parts to expedite same-day shipping on request.

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Strainers, Filters, and Pipeline Products

Jamison Products, an Allied Reliability brand, manufactures strainers, filters, and pipeline products. With quick deliveries, customized designs, competitive prices, and superior technical support, we have earned a reputation as a preferred vendor with many of our customers in the transportation, petrochemical, refining, water, and process industries.

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Emissions Solutions

T.F. Hudgins helps you reach your emissions goals with a broad range of engineered products, backed by comprehensive engineering support.

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Compressor Products

Our industrial gas compressor products set a new standard for quality. We provide engineered valves, valve restraints, capacity control, rod rings, wiper packing, piston and rider rings, rods, cases, pistons, engineered coatings, cylinder liners, and more...

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Lubrication Systems and Repair

We are always improving our engineered systems and components to provide all-inclusive solutions to your business needs in one place.

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Control Valves

The oil & gas, marine, mining, manufacturing, transportation, and railroad industries can all count on our turnkey services to improve reliability and safety with our fluid control products. We offer pneumatic, hydraulic, electric safety and sequencing controls, and more...

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Reciprocating Compressor Repair

T.F. Hudgins offers complete cylinder and power-end repair services for all major reciprocating compressors, delivering unmatched expertise in high-pressure compressor applications.

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Advanced Vibration Analysis

Maximize productivity and ensure safer operations with our advanced techniques for gathering, analyzing, and interpreting information.

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Rotating and Centrifugal Repair

Through our Texas Rotating Equipment (TRE) division, T.F. Hudgins rebuilds rotating equipment for the refining and petrochemical industries. We specialize in rotating equipment maintenance and centrifuge repairs. We service all brands and sizes of steam-driven turbines, pumps, and gearboxes. We also offer a wide variety of OEM replacement single-stage steam turbine parts.

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