Advanced Diagnostics


Solve Structure-Related Problems

Maximize productivity and ensure safer operations with our advanced techniques for gathering, analyzing, and interpreting information. Our machine protection systems help you identify equipment and machinery issues that impede optimized performance, enabling you to work more efficiently to save time and money.

Advanced Vibration Analysis

When industrial machinery isn’t performing up to standards, in-depth testing is sometimes required to understand what’s happening. Our Advanced Vibration Analysis determines the health of your assets using various methods.
Motion Amplification

Assess critical manufacturing processes and structural components that affect plant reliability with technology that detects subtle motion and amplifies it to a level visible to the naked eye, creating millions of measurement locations in an instant. The data is displayed in a Vibragram, depicting a specific vibration frequency and an intuitive motion-amplified video to illustrate all frequencies at once.

Operating Deflection Shape (ODS) Testing

With Operating Deflection Shape (ODS) testing, a visual representation of machine motion is captured to aid in the root cause identification of repetitive problems or complex vibration issues.

Impact Testing

Impact testing utilizes run-up or coast-down activities to identify natural frequency content for resonance considerations.

Phase Analysis

Allied uses phase analysis to identify and address/confirm failure modes such as looseness, misalignment, and bent shafts.

Experimental Modal Analysis

Experimental modal analysis is used to help identify and resolve both structural and equipment resonance concerns.

Engine and Compressor Testing

Faulty or underperforming engines and compressors can slow down your company’s productivity. Allied offers the comprehensive engine and compressor testing to investigate what’s really going on and how we can get your machinery back to peak operating capacity.

For running inspections, the A-Scan assesses the combustion characteristics, volumetric performance, and vibration profile of reciprocating engines and compressors to determine the precise operating condition of machinery components.

B Scan Probe Inspections

For shutdown inspections, B Scan Probe Inspections offer a comprehensive way to inspect the engine without tearing it apart. We can quickly and conveniently identify problems and perform repairs before they cause serious damage or downtime.

Continuous Monitoring

Implementing reliable technology to detect potential machine faults early and plan preventive maintenance effectively is the backbone of a modern predictive maintenance program. Avoiding unnecessary machine downtime not only reduces maintenance costs but drives productivity increases.
Brüel & Kjær Vibro (B&K Vibro) SETPOINT® Condition Monitoring Software

SETPOINT® software is a comprehensive online condition monitoring solution for critical machinery. It is designed for use in the hydrocarbon processing, petrochemical, power generation, and other industries. SETPOINT® provides powerful visualization tools for analysis and machinery diagnostics of rotating and reciprocating machinery.

Brüel & Kjær Vibro (B&K Vibro) VC-8000 Machinery Protection System

The software connects directly to the VC-8000 machinery protection system for data acquisition. There is no need for additional hardware. For data visualization and distribution, data are seamlessly transmitted to the OSIsoft® PI System® software widely in use in the aforementioned industries.

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