Infrared Testing & Inspection

Infrared thermography is commonly used for monitoring asset health.

Equipment typically displays a pattern of rising temperature before failure—this could be in a bearing, a motor, transformer, or other critical component. Allied Reliability Electrical Services has built a reputation over 27 years specializing in the use of state-of-the-art infrared technologies to conduct surveys in a wide variety of applications.

Benefits of Infrared Services


Surveys are conducted with a minimum of contact with equipment.


A properly conducted inspection will produce results not obtainable through conventional means.


Potential problems can be found before they become real issues, preventing unexpected shut-downs or replacement of expensive equipment.

ROI (Return On Investment)

Infrared testing has the highest return on investment. "When an infrared inspection program is coupled with timely maintenance repairs and equipment condition improvement, it is common for the return on investment to be on the order of ten times the cost of the program."


Through the use of advanced infrared imaging systems, we can diagnose many different types of applications. Most of these rely on the analysis of thermal patterns emitted by various surfaces and equipment. Below are some of the uses of infrared thermography.

Electrical Systems

In electrical systems there are several causes of thermal anomalies. For Example: increased resistance from poor connections/poor contact and improper loading resulting from overloaded or unbalanced circuits. Electrical resistance converts electrical energy to thermal energy. These situations and others lead to higher temperatures and wasted electrical power.

Mechanical Systems

In mechanical systems such as motors & drives, friction is the primary source of heat build-up. Abnormal thermal patterns become visible in worn or inadequately lubricated bearings or misaligned drive components.

Moisture & Heat Loss Analysis

Infrared technology is often used to determine the efficiency of insulation in buildings. Heat loss is clearly visible in poorly insulated structures. This also applies to insulation that has accumulated moisture due to leaks in the building envelope. Roof moisture surveys can locate saturated insulation and cut the costs of roof replacement.

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