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Maintain Safe Operations, Extend Asset Life, and Decrease Operating Costs: Solutions for Oil and Gas Equipment Maintenance

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Quickly address staffing needs and shortages

Having experienced unprecedented layoffs in conjunction with a heightened level of cyclicality in employment, the oil & gas industry’s reputation as a reliable, long-term employer has been challenged. That combined with an increasingly competitive candidate landscape can make hiring to meet demand spikes challenging.

Staffing Services

Accelerated energy transition and digital transformation

Digital transformation has been challenging and elusive in the oil & gas industry; however, it is required in every part of the sector if companies plan to survive. Our reliability consultants can help. From mapping asset criticality to implementing condition-based maintenance programs, we have the best practices, and we can recommend the right technologies for your equipment.

Reliability Consulting

More Featured Solutions for Oil & Gas

Rotating Equipment Repair

We service all brands and sizes of steam-driven turbines, pumps, and gearboxes. We provide clients nationwide with quality repairs, honest estimates and assessments, a work scope that is correct the first time, standardized documentation, and on-time delivery.

Rotating Equipment Repair

Compressor Repair

We offer complete cylinder and power-end repair services for all major reciprocating compressors, delivering unmatched expertise in high-pressure compressor applications. We provide routine component repairs, as well as complex, major shop overhauls, compressor re-rates, and field services.

Compressor Repair

Advanced Diagnostics

Faulty or underperforming engines and compressors can slow down your company’s productivity. We offer comprehensive engine and compressor testing to investigate what’s really going on and how we can get your machinery back to peak operating capacity.

Advanced Diagnostics

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