Tube Turns Quick Open Closures

Tube Turns, now a division of Sypris Technologies, was founded in 1927 and produced the first American-forged seamless pipe elbows.

With expanding products within the oil & gas, chemical, and petrochemical industries, Tube Turns is world-renowned for high-quality, reliable products.

Multiple designs of Quick Open Closures that are suited to meet the customer requirements, technically and commercially.

  • T-Bolt – Low-Pressure Applications which is inexpensive and competitive with the conventional Bolted Cover.
    • Hinged Closure Catalog
    • T-Bolt Catalog
    • T-Bolt Closures Horizontal
    • T-Bolt Closures Vertical
  • Double Bolt - For higher pressure and adopted a two-piece yoke allowing for easy access into the vessel.
    • Double Bolt Closure Catalog
    • Double Bolt Vertical
    • Yoke Closure Catalog
  • Threaded - Also for higher pressure and commercially attractive.
    • Thread-Closure catalog
  • Tool-Less - Very competitive on the larger sizes and higher pressures. Easy Access with complete safety taken into consideration.
    • Tube Turns Division Tool-less Closure

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