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Reducing Diesel Pollutant Emissions

Diesel engines are powerful, long-lasting, and offer low fuel consumption. These are why they are found on small- and large-scale mining and construction sites, usually in continuous service. However, when fuel is combusted in a diesel engine, the process produces pollutants, such as soot particles, that represent a significant health hazard. The smaller these soot particles are, the easier they pass through our lungs and into our bloodstream and vital organs.

In order to cut the pollutant emissions of mining equipment, we offer Stratus™ modular diesel particulate filter (DPF) systems. These economical and environmentally sound solutions have proven themselves many times over.

Sintered Metal Filter (SMF)

SMF® - Sintered Metal Filter

The centerpiece of Stratus SMF-AR exhaust treatment systems is the Sintered Metal Filter (SMF), which has set new standards for performance worldwide. This filter reduces the emissions of soot particles and fine particulate matter down to the limit of detection, with a filter efficiency of over 99%.

The SMF and the systems based on it are exceptionally reliable in operation, require little maintenance, and offer a long service life. Stratus systems have proven their effectiveness over many years in more than 250,000 cars, buses, trucks, and heavy equipment.

The advantages of SMF™ technology result from its unique design and sintered metal construction. Exhaust gas backpressure is minimized by maintaining an unrestricted inflow of gas into the filter pockets from the outside. What’s more, the ash-holding capacity of the SMF is considerably higher compared to a conventional wall-flow (honeycomb) filter. This significantly increases the service hours before a filter requires cleaning, even with older machinery and
stationary engine applications that suffer from particularly high oil consumption. The costs of service and maintenance, as well as associated downtime costs, fall accordingly.

With their modular construction, Sintered Metal Filters can be adapted to suit different applications. They may be installed as original equipment (OE) or retrofitted to mobile machinery and stationary applications.


The Model SMF-AR diesel particulate filter (DPF) offers high performance, with low maintenance and low operating costs. The SMF-AR is designed for applications in the low to medium power output range with low or variable power consumption.

The SMF-AR features active regeneration, a do-it-yourself cleaning capability in which advanced sensor/control technology and heating elements automatically burn off particulate trapped in the sintered metal filter element. The soot burn-off is triggered as soon as the filter has a full load of soot particles.

High filtration efficiency and advanced filter regeneration technology make Stratus SMF-AR diesel particulate filters a dependable choice that benefits both operators and the environment.

Stratus SMF-AR diesel particulate filter Stratus SMF-FBC diesel particulate filter


The Model SMF-FBC is ideal for larger diesel engines up to 800 hp and output ranges from 75 to 600 kW. It requires only an exhaust temperature above 380°C for 10% of the operating time.

SMF-FBC uses a fuel-borne catalyst and continuously regenerates during engine operation. Designed with a Stratus sintered metal element, SMF-FBC is built to last the lifetime of the engine.

Unlike other diesel particulate filters with oxidation catalysts, SMF-FBC also reduces NO2 emissions – a significant advantage for mining applications. A complete system consists of the filter, plus software, electronics, and sensors. SMF-FBC is fully automatic.


The SMF-DOC diesel particulate filter utilizes continuous passive regeneration and combines an efficient, upstream diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) with a sintered metal filter (SMF) for 99% reduction of PM and 95% reduction of HC and CO.

Stratus SMF-DOC diesel particulate filter

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