SmartCBM Condition Monitoring

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SmartCBM® Condition Monitoring delivers maintenance-based insight into the equipment driving your operations ensuring safety, reducing downtime, and improving reliability.

Look Smart

SmartCBM is a condition-based maintenance solution that’s designed to detect component defects that could lead to unplanned downtime or unnecessary expenditures.

Through the application of condition monitoring technologies, statistical process control, and specific failure-mode-driven repair recommendations, we partner with you to design, implement, execute and optimize your condition monitoring maintenance strategy – ensuring the uptime and reliability of your equipment.

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Flexible Deployment Options

Today, the market is flooded with data collection technologies, but data alone will not help improve your bottom line. You need smart data. Data that you collect and that helps you see beyond – to predict component failure as soon as possible.

Utilizing Allied Reliability’s Failure Mode Library, our experts prescribe the mix of methods necessary for the early detection of failure-causing defects. Our proprietary failure mode library is derived from the analysis of over 3 million components from over 1500 facilities and identifies common components, parts, failure reasons, and inspection methods that detect the defects causing the failure.

Flexible Monitoring Options

Allied’s unique approach to condition monitoring integrates a full range of data collection options. From route-based to sensor-based collection, from inline to wireless periodic monitoring, our experts help you identify the right approach for each of your assets, resulting in a more holistic and cost-effective solution.

Comprehensive Inspection Methods

While many service providers offer a vibration predictive maintenance (PdM) tool, vibration detection is just one piece of the puzzle. Our experts leverage our experience and failure-mode library to recommend a customized PdM data collection approach that helps you see more – including vibration, oil, infrared thermography, ultrasound, motor circuit, and other analyses as required.

See Real Results

Every representative, every process, every piece of technology we deploy have one goal in mind – the health of your company. That means ensuring that equipment is healthier and more reliable. It means creating a healthier work environment for your employees, free from hazardous working conditions. It means securing the overall health of your company’s bottom line by ensuring more reliable operations and less unnecessary downtime.


reduction in days to identify defects


reduction in unexpected downtime


reduction in maintenance spend

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Learn about our SmartCBM® mobile app – giving you a view of equipment performance across your entire operation and granting you the freedom to execute workflows on your mobile device.

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Get an introduction to CBM and the associated technologies, how to use these tools, key performance indicators to monitor program effectiveness, and more.

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Blog Article

Learn how proactively monitoring assets, to provide early defect identification, allows you to address issues early - before they compound and cause further damage.

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SmartCBM (formerly iReliability) Tool Suite

Our offering is underpinned by a world-class set of proprietary tools for monitoring and reporting on the condition of your assets. These tools enable the development of a maintenance strategy listing necessary activities and their frequency to mitigate design-failure modes to maximize equipment reliability and availability. Our reliability software suite, SmartCBM® (formerly iReliability), has a new look for an enhanced experience. For a guided tour of the new interface, watch SmartCBM® Software Suite: Redesigned Interface. i-reliability

SmartCBM Mobile App

SmartCBM Mobile provides current, on-the-go high-level business views down to site specifics for individual facilities/plants and even to the specific asset and component level.

This app gives your organization an easy-to-use mobile solution for quick, complete viewing of your CBM program in real-time.

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