Advanced Reciprocating Compressor Analysis

Utilize Your Data to Improve Your Equipment Operation.

This course provides a deeper dive into the applications of reciprocating compressor analysis data. Advanced topics include gas properties, compression theory, pulsation and Resonance, cylinder stretch, vibration signatures for reciprocating compressors, and Operational Deflection Shape (ODS) testing. Through case histories and class participation, attendees will learn how to apply the analysis results to everyday compressor operations.

During this reciprocating compressor training, attendees will also benefit from guest speakers – Allied Reliability Subject Matter Experts who will share their knowledge of new equipment and technologies relevant to the course topics and equipment reliability, including the latest design trends of compressor components such as pressure packing, rings, rider bands, and valves and compressor lubrication (oil types, divider block, pump-to-point lubricators).

New to the world of compressor analysis? Our Basic Reciprocating Compressor Analysis course offers a foundational understanding of valve design, clearance, and other key components to set you up for success in this course.

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