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Allied Reliability provides recruiting and staffing services that support a worldwide client base across the industrial and manufacturing sectors. Our talent acquisition team is committed to building partnerships with growing companies to provide your business with the most qualified professionals for the job.

We specialize in:

  • Maintenance & reliability recruiting
  • Direct placement
  • Contract-to-hire
  • Project-based needs

Our team can provide the top talent with the right skill set to help give your business a competitive advantage.

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Our recruiting and staffing team can help you find key talent today and develop your workforce for tomorrow.

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In dire times the first team to come to mind for recruiting needs and fast results is Allied Reliability; they really are reliable. We have partnered with Allied for over two years now and our needs are constantly met i na timely manner and yet another "unicorn" of a candidate is found; candidates which are still employed today. Cosmetic Laboratories of America appreciates the continuous support and consistent results services to us by Allied Reliability.

Human Resources Manager, Cosmetic Laboratories of America

Direct Hires & Contract Placement

Project-based Needs

Do you have a project that requires added resources? Whether a single individual or a whole team is needed, we will screen and secure resources for your project for a specified duration of time or until project completion.

Direct Hire Staffing

If your organization has a permanent, long-term need, then a direct hire arrangement is the right model for you. Our team will partner with your organization to successfully identify and manage candidates throughout the hiring process. Candidates are hired as full-time employees with your organization on day one.

Contract Placement

Not ready to hire a candidate as a full-time employee on their first day? Our contract-to-hire option guarantees our maintenance and reliability recruiting expertise, but employees are initially hired as Allied Reliability employees and contracted to your organization. After a designated amount of time, the contract employee is eligible to convert to a full-time employee status at your organization with no added conversion fees or buyout percentages.

A Holistic Approach to Industrial Recruitment

We pride ourselves ongoing above and beyond to ensure only the most qualified candidates join our network of industrial and manufacturing professionals.

Firsthand Experience
From the c-suite to the field, our recruiters have firsthand experience in maintenance and reliability.
Quality vs. Quantity
With one of the largest databases out there, we use this data to present only 2–3 of the most qualified candidates for the job.
Low Turnover
We provide adequate screening, training, and support to guarantee the lowest turnover rates possible.
65,000+ Recruits
With a database of over 65,000 qualified candidates, finding the "perfect" candidate is finally possible.
We leverage technology to source and train recruits with tools that streamline productivity in their future roles.
We understand it takes a team to expand on a global scale, and our team and network hold each other accountable to do so.

Top 5 Placed Positions

  • Maintenance Technician
  • Reliability Engineer
  • Maintenance Supervisor
  • Planner/Scheduler
  • Maintenance Manager

Recruiting Services Outsourcing

Do you have plants expanding, greenfield sites breaking ground, relocating or downsizing the workforce, or plants being challenged with overall consistent attrition? For one all-inclusive monthly rate, you can ensure your organization has a full-time Recruiting & Staffing partner to recruit, screen, assess, and place the very best available maintenance and engineering professionals in the job market.

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