Root Cause Analysis Training

Another Failure? Find the Cause and Deliver to the Bottom Line.

This root cause analysis training workshop solves plant equipment problems as you learn facilitation skills for an effective Root Cause Analysis (RCA). Practice with our example problems as well as your equipment problems. At the end of the training, you will be able to:

  • Facilitate RCAs effectively using two pre-analysis tools and eight RCA methods
  • Develop, select, and implement effective corrective actions
You will learn how to use:
  • Two pre-analysis tools
  • Three tree-based methods, including 5 Why
  • Two time-based methods
  • Three transparency methods (Fishbone, sFMEA, and FMECA)

There is no software to learn in our root cause analysis training course - just simple, thorough, and effective skills. Participants will have an opportunity to practice on their own plant equipment. Bring any information you would like to utilize in the workshop.

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