Field Lubricant Analysis - Category I


The Field Lubrication (FLCAT-I) course and certification ensure technicians are equipped to manage lubricant delivery, storage, and dispensing and oversee machinery re-lubrication and inspections. This comprehensive course covers essential tasks such as changing and topping up oil, selecting appropriate lubricants and greases, maintaining automatic lubrication systems, and performing basic oil analysis to identify and troubleshoot issues. Targeting in-plant technicians, the course empowers them to move from outdated, reactive methods to implementing effective, proactive lubrication programs.

Participants will gain valuable skills in managing lubrication for various industrial equipment, including blowers, compressors, turbines, gearboxes, and more. Certified technicians will demonstrate proficiency in best-in-class lubrication practices, boosting machine health, reliability, and overall operational efficiency. This certification confirms their knowledge of selecting, storing, filtering, and testing lubricants, aligning their efforts with maintenance professionals to enhance machine availability and reliability.

Note: Prior experience is not required to attend the Mobius training courses, but there are experience requirements for certification. Twelve months of practical work experience is required.

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