Mosaic Increases Asset Reliability
with SmartCBM Model



  • Significant reduction in operating interruptions
  • Increases asset availability helping to secure fertilizer production for crops


The Mosaic Company is one of the world’s leading producers and marketers of concentrated phosphate and potash crop nutrients for the global agriculture industry. To increase asset availability while decreasing maintenance program costs, Mosaic is undergoing a digital transformation
across their North American operations. The project focuses on improving the accuracy of failure identification and increasing the notification period of potential downtime events.


The Mosaic Company uses Allied Reliability Condition Monitoring and Reliability Services including Allied’s SmartCBM® Connected model with more than 17,000 sensors that enable advanced predictive analytics on nearly 9,000 equipment components. In addition, Mosaic leverages Allied Reliability’s SmartCBM Tool Suite to help develop strategic equipment maintenance strategies and Allied Reliability analysts to review data, including the equipment performance and maintenance history.


This digital transformation is expected to increase asset availability while yielding significant program cost savings over the next five years.

  • Remote monitoring and mobile alert capabilities.
  • Advanced identification of defects allowing Mosaic to operate with far fewer interruptions.
  • Ensure safety and reliability of mining equipment used to produce fertilizer contributing to 50 percent of crop yields.

SmartCBM® Condition Monitoring

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