Spinner II Centrifuges

Transit Service

Spinner II® Centrifuges for Transit Service

Spinner II oil-cleaning centrifuges are the only proven way to eliminate soot, safely extend lube oil drains, and reduce oil-related maintenance costs.

The Spinner II oil cleaning centrifuge is a high-efficiency bypass filtration unit for diesel and CNG engines. It's used in addition to your full-flow oil filter to keep oil cleaner, make oil and filters last longer, and protect engines better.

A Superior Way to Clean Oil

Spinner II centrifuges remove both large contaminants and ultra-fine particles as small as one-tenth of a micron. In a broad range of applications, Spinner II centrifuges are proven to reduce critical component wear up to 50%.

Trusted By Top Fleets

Spinner II is the filter choice for public transit fleets across North America - it's the trusted solution for engine protection and cost savings.


Why Your Transit Fleet Needs Spinner II Centrifuges

  • Efficient removal of soot and fine particulate
  • Reduces wear of critical components by up to 50%
  • Saves money by extending the life of oil and filters
  • Reduced component wear decreases maintenance, keeps vehicles in service longer
  • High-capacity rotor stores debris over extended service intervals
  • Convenient disposable rotor simplifies routine service
  • No special requirements for used rotor disposal

Making Extended Drains Possible

Extended oil drains promise big savings in labor, oil, and productivity for your entire transit fleet. Spinner II centrifuges give you a practical way to make it happen.

Capacity + Constant Efficiency

A Spinner II centrifuge has up to ten times the debris-holding capacity of even the best filters. So it stays on the job longer.

And because the centrifuge removes contaminants from the oil stream - instead of accumulating them in the oil or on a filter surface - there's nothing to plug. So cleaning efficiency remains constant over the entire service interval.

Clean Oil Means Big Savings

With Spinner II centrifuges, extending drains doesn't mean a few extra thousand miles between oil changes. It means multiplying your current interval by two, three even four times... all while protecting your engine better than ever before.

Keep in mind that service intervals vary by application, engine, and other factors. Spinner II recommends that you consult with your lube oil supplier, engine manufacturer, and lube oil testing service before making any decisions about extending oil drains. To discuss extended drain opportunities for your application, get in touch with your Spinner II representative.

Extend Service Intervals Too

Regardless of how often you change your oil, you won't have to service your Spinner II centrifuge as often as you change ordinary filters. In many applications, Spinner II centrifuges remain in service for a year or more.

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