Compressor Emissions Solutions

T.F. Hudgins helps you meet the most stringent environmental requirements.

Zero-Emission Systems

T.F. Hudgins offers the first and only true zero-emission system for reciprocating compressors. Easily fitted to most existing equipment, these systems have proven to be ultra-reliable in reaching the most stringent attainment levels in virtually all environments.

Valve Restraint Upgrade

OEM valve restraints are a source of significant fugitive emissions. They can also allow valves to loosen while the compressor is running - a common and serious reliability and safety issue. T.F. Hudgins offers valve restraints that secure valves more dependably and that seal so effectively, they virtually eliminate leakage.

Ultra-Low-Leakage Packing

New packing and seal designs have been shown to dramatically reduce leakage in virtually all compressor services. Because these designs greatly reduce the amount of leaked gas that needs to be contained, product and efficiency losses are minimized. This improved performance can provide a significant savings.

Cylinder Component Upgrades

Unloaders, packing cases, compressor rods, wiper and partition assemblies - T.F. Hudgins offers both modifications and new, ultra-low emission designs for all of these emission sources. These solutions will enable you to both substantially reduce emissions and improve reliability.

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