Reciprocating Compressor Repair Services

Complete Turnkey Compressor Repair

Allied Reliability offers complete cylinder and power-end repair services for all major reciprocating compressors, delivering unmatched expertise in high-pressure compressor applications. The combined resources of Allied Reliability and Cook Compression allow us to provide a complete, turnkey resource that keeps your equipment running.

We provide routine component repairs, as well as complex, major shop overhauls, compressor re-rates, and field services. We handle every aspect—from complete teardown and inspection to final repair and assembly. As your single resource for all parts, materials, and machining labor, Allied Reliability simplifies procurement and enables you to more effectively manage maintenance projects.

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Comprehensive Compressor Repair Services

Strategically located facilities, specialized equipment, highly experienced technicians, and extensive engineering support enable us to provide the quality and responsive service you need to reduce costs and maximize equipment availability. Click below to learn more:

Cylinder End Services

Our compressor cylinder end services provide you solutions for a wide range of issues, with the end goal of optimizing the performance of your equipment.

  • Compressor cylinder relining, resizing and overall repair
  • PlasKote50+™ cylinder bore plasma coating
  • Hydrostatic pressure testing and cylinder recertification
  • Compressor piston repair and non-lube conversions
  • Compressor piston rod resurfacing, grinding, thread rolling and wear-resistant hardening
  • Turnkey low-density polyethylene (LDPE) cylinder reconditioning
  • Pressure and wiper packing case repair and component replacement
  • Crosshead rebabbitting and repair
  • Crosshead slide repair and resizing
  • Compressor frame aligning and boring
  • Compressor connecting rod clipping and boring
  • Compressor repair

Compressor Valve Repair

Allied Reliability Valve Service Centers offer a unique valve optimization program where repair is just one step in a process of improving overall valve performance and reliability.

Benefits to you include:
  • Reduce Maintenance Costs
  • Recover Efficiency
  • Improve Availability
  • Extend Valve Reliability
  • Eliminate Chronic Problems
  • The Allied Reliability Approach


Each valve undergoes a rigorous inspection and repair procedure to ensure it meets or exceeds new valve specifications.

Engineering Support

We offer technical support, provide failure analysis, recommend improvements for existing valve designs or custom-engineer valves utilizing the latest, high-performance materials and technology.


We offer technical support, provide failure analysis, recommend improvements for existing valve designs or custom-engineer valves utilizing the latest, high-performance materials and technology.

Tracking System

We analyze every valve submitted for repair and assess its condition, helping you resolve long-term problems.


We evaluate your current valve's design, along with providing documentation for any recommended changes and their calculated impact on compressor efficiency and reliability.

Cylinder Inspections & Repair

Allied Reliability provides complete cylinder repair services. At Allied, every cylinder is cleaned to bare metal, inspected using the latest, non-destructive testing methods, and then a detailed scope is developed. We rebuild and restore worn cylinders to the original manufacturer's specifications for all major compressors including, but not limited to, Ariel, Chicago Pneumatic, Gardner Denver, Joy, I/R ESH, RDS, HOS, Knox Western, Worthington Super Cub, ESV, RDH and Gemini.

Services that can be included in repairs:
  • Cylinder resizing
  • Wear restraint coatings or surface treatments
  • Resurface valve decks
  • Crack Repair
  • Stud hole Repair
  • Gasket surface and flange face resurfacing to ensure proper fit and function
  • Hydrostatic testing and recertification to ensure the integrity of your cylinder
  • Specialty materials

Packing Case Repair

Overview of our Process:
  • All components are cleaned and subjected to detailed incoming inspection.
  • Components are nondestructively tested.
  • Cups are reconditioned to original specifications.
  • Sealing surfaces are lapped and optically inspected to ensure compliance with flatness specifications.
  • All cases are carefully assembled using new Cook Compression packing, gaskets, O-rings, and other parts as required.
  • We perform a final dimensional inspection of all components to ensure compliance. All findings are documented. A detailed report is attached to every packing case.

Piston & Rod Repair

Our comprehensive package of repair services and replacement parts for reciprocating machinery includes:
  • Compressor piston repair
  • Piston non-lube conversions
  • Compressor piston rod resurfacing and grinding

We offer reciprocating compressor repair services and replacement parts for all major OEM compressors, including unmatched expertise in high-pressure compressors. Highly skilled technicians paired with extensive engineering and technical support assure all parts meet or exceed OEM specifications.

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