High-Security Valve Restraints

High-security valve restraints are a reliable, economic solution to the problems of ordinary single-bolt (jack bolt) designs. This unique design features O-ring seals with a connection point to attach a gauge for monitoring seal integrity. In addition, these valve restraints feature multiple fasteners to ensure valves are properly secured with the cylinder.

HSR restraints distribute load over multiple studs for reliable, long-lasting valve retention. Each stud requires less than half the torque of single-bolt designs, so installation is easier and loading on valves is more accurate.

Equally important, HSR restraints stay tight without the need for periodic tightening. HSR restraints have O-ring seals, which contain gases much better than thread seals, gaskets or obsolete lead washers. The O-ring seal design--combined with lower torque requirements--simplifies maintenance, drastically reduces fugitive emissions, and all but eliminates safety concerns.

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