Strainers, Filters, and Pipeline Products

Engineered to Protect Critical Equipment

Jamison Products, an Allied Reliability brand, manufactures strainers, filters, and pipeline products. With quick deliveries, customized designs, competitive prices, and superior technical support, we have earned a reputation as a preferred vendor with many of our customers in the transportation, petrochemical, refining, water, and process industries.

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Jamison Products


Jamison Products offers both standard and custom-engineered strainers to minimize pressure drop at minimal cost.

We pride ourselves on providing standard and custom-engineered strainers to match our customer’s needs. With over 30 years of combined strainer experience, we work with you to practically eliminate pressure drop. Products include basket, duplex, cone, tee, and y strainers.



Meet customer, industry, and environmental standards with our bag or cartridge filtration products.

Our custom-designed and engineered filtration products will meet customer needs as well as environmental and industry standards. Our filters—including bag and cartridge filters—have a multitude of options to meet your operational, technical, and commercial needs.


Pipeline Products

We provide products that support all pipeline operations, including pig launchers, pressure vessels, and more.

Allied Reliability specialists will provide your facility with ASME U-Stamp and PED-Certified pipeline products that best fit your application needs to streamline effective and efficient fluid handling processes.


Pipeline Supply

Jamison Products offers closures and pipeline supplies, all manufactured to meet your requirements.

Our team works only with top-tier manufacturers in the nation to provide our customers in various industries with solution-focused pipeline supplies for both high and low-pressure applications.


Scrubbers/Separators Coalescers

Scrubbers are also known as slug catchers and knockout pots. Filter separators and coalescers. Vertical and horizontal configurations.


Flow Conditioners

An inline product that is critical to flow meter accuracy for custody transfer. Also improves pump efficiency, offering a laminar, reduced-turbulence flow pattern.

flow conditioner

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