Pipeline Products

Jamison Products, an Allied Reliability brand, is internationally-known for supplying high-quality basket strainers, but this is just one product line in their full range of superior mechanical equipment. With our ASME-coded fabrication shop and an engineering staff with vast knowledge and experience, we are able to offer most types of pressure vessels and mechanical equipment required in process and metering applications.

Pressure Vessels

We offer an engineered custom design product that will meet the customers, environmental and industry standards. All pressure vessels are designed to ASME with ‘U’ Stamp (if required), also available to international standards (PED – CE Marking, etc.)

Pressure Vessels offered can be supplied as is, or with all the customizations required to meet your requirements.

Pressure vessels for the oil, gas, chemical and power generation industries is an area that Jamison have great expertise. We are not a boiler manufacturer, but we produce the pressure vessels that support the boiler & steam system, such as condensate, separator, flash, blow down and expansion tanks.

Standard Range and Capability:

  • Size: 1/2" to 72”
  • Pressure: ANSI 150# to 2500#

Pig Launcher & Receivers

Gas Scrubbers

Packaged Process Skids

Spectacle Blinds

FiltersBag & Cartridge

Separators Liquid/Gas & Liquid/Liquid

Bleed Rings

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