Condition Based Maintenance and Condition Monitoring

When organizations use Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) they do not arbitrarily work on machinery just because a certain amount of time has passed. They constantly monitor the machinery and perform maintenance based on the condition of the machinery.

This white paper introduces CBM and the associated technologies, how to use these tools, key performance indicators to monitor program effectiveness, and more.

This resource includes:

  • Why Should We Perform Condition Monitoring?
  • What Do We Know About Machinery Failures?
  • What Are the Benefits of Condition Monitoring?
  • P-F Curve Thinking
  • Condition Monitoring Technologies
  • Combining Techniques Using Criticality Ranking
  • Proactive Workflow Model– How Much Condition Monitoring Should We Be Using?
  • Key Performance Indicators for Condition Monitoring
  • Why Most Condition Monitoring Programs Fail

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