Session 2: Preparing to Lead Reliability Improvements – What?

Do you know if your organization is operating as reliably as it could be? Join Michael Aroney, Executive Consultant for Client Leadership at Allied Reliability, for a 3-part webinar series that will introduce key topics leaders need to address when tackling a reliability initiative. These sessions are targeted at senior leaders who have the ability to influence and control their companies’ reliability initiatives, such as Plant or General Managers, Directors, and VPs, and cover the concepts outlined below. Register today to take the first step in building the solid foundation you need for your organization’s reliability improvements to succeed.

Session 2: Preparing to Lead Reliability Improvements – What?

"If there is a problem with performance, blame the process and not the people" (Deming). It is important to understand how manufacturing companies operate as systems, that managers need insight in order to accurately predict the future, and that leaders need to understand individual motivations. This session looks at the asset maintenance and reliability system and the challenges an organization faces when attempting to improve asset reliability and their contribution to stable processes.

Key discussion topics:

  • The Reliability System
  • The Technical Challenges
  • The Organizational Challenges

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