• Target Audience Managers, Engineers, Planners, Craft - Mechanical and Electrical, Supervisors responsible for metrics, tracking, and use of information generated by CM programs
  • Course Duration 3 Days
  • Course DeliveryThis course is offered in both public and private settings
    Virtual delivery options available!
  • Continuing Education Unit 2.4 CEU, UT | RMIC Credit Eligible

Apply the Power of CM and Gain Control of Your Equipment

Learn about condition-based maintenance and predictive maintenance and cultivate the skills you need to establish a comprehensive preventive maintenance program.

This course is designed to teach the fundamental principles of the five predictive technologies most prevalent in the industry today: vibration analysis, infrared thermography, airborne and structure-borne ultrasonics, oil analysis, and motor circuit analysis. Upon completion of the course, attendees will have a better understanding of the principles of condition-based maintenance and predictive maintenance as well as increased knowledge on the capabilities of the technologies, in addition to common traps that may be encountered during application.

You will Learn:

  • The principles of Condition Monitoring (CM) and why it is so powerful
  • The real purpose of CM and what it provides the organization
  • The common language of CM – key terms and definitions you should know
  • The value of CM program integration into an overall reliability plan
  • How to select the CM technology based on failure modes to be covered
  • What quartile coverage is and how is it used
  • How to identify mechanical, electrical, and stationary failure modes using CM technologies
  • The common traps of each CM technology
  • What sensory inspections are and their value in a CM route
  • What an asset health matrix is and how to use it
  • How to evaluate your CM program
  • How much CM is enough – what you can learn from Best Practice organizations and benchmarks
  • What CM program standards should be in place
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