• Target Audience All Maintenance And Operations Roles

Work Execution Management Certification

Work Execution Management (WEM), driven by the Planning and Scheduling Work Team (PSWT) is the foundation for all maintenance and reliability activities. With comprehensive WEM training, organizations can gain the skills they need to place top performers into key roles.

WEM Certification offers plants the ability to ensure that key roles in Maintenance and Operations are filled by individuals with the highest skill level, job knowledge, and role performance. From classroom training and in-the-field training to coaching and audits, Allied Reliability builds effectiveness and sustainability. PSWT and WEM training can be customized and tailored to any organization’s needs, with 13 core training modules and 10 optional training modules.

You will Learn:

  • Improved work order management
  • Precise job role execution
  • Successful integration of improved work practices
  • Maintenance performance increase
  • Maintenance cost optimization
  • Improved plant performance
  • Documented results
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