Ultra-High Pressure Systems

T.F. Hudgins offers custom lubrication systems designed specifically for high-pressure ("hyper") gas compressors.

These systems operate with minimal maintenance to help increase MTBF and eliminate unscheduled downtime in all types of hyper compressors.

Ultra-High Pressure System

Features and Benefits

  • Day tank is equipped with a sloped bottom to reduce the risk of oil contamination
  • Pressurized system dramatically reduces wear by enabling the use of gear oil in the lube box
  • Pump design prevents the entry of wear debris, significantly extending pump life
  • Sight glass design accepts a threaded plug, ensuring a complete seal
  • Sight glass is made from a durable plastic Indicator/Shutdown Options

T.F. Hudgins lubrication systems can incorporate flow measurement capabilities to display the amount of oil each pump is displacing, as well as alarms to signal if a pump stops working. A wide range of shutdown equipment is also available to accommodate any operational requirements.

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