Elements of the Equipment Maintenance Plan

The Equipment Maintenance Plan, or EMP, not only identifies the specific tasks necessary to minimize failure mode consequences, but it also contains information that guides work order scheduling and provides pertinent information for budgeting maintenance resources and communicating downtime requirements to operations. The elements of the EMP can be broken down into three categories of information: asset, task, and support.

Asset Elements

  • Equipment Name or Type - The name or type of equipment to which the EMP applies.
  • Equipment Criticality Ranking - The ranking or rating given to the equipment based on the results of your criticality analysis.
  • Manufacturer and Model - Include all of the equipment models to which the EMP applies.
  • Component - The nomenclature used within your CMMS to identify the specific asset for which the maintenance task applies.
  • Function and Functional Failure - List the performance expectations, or functions, of the component and the ways in which the component fails to meet the required function.
  • Failure Mode - The reasons why the component fails to meet expectations, and the basis for prescribing the maintenance task within the EMP.
  • Failure Mode Criticality - This is the significance of the failure mode based on the results of your FMECA or prioritization matrix.

Task Elements

  • Maintenance Requirement Number - A unique alphanumeric identifier that distinguishes each task within the EMP.
  • Task Type - Describes the actual maintenance activity that will be performed on the equipment.
  • Task Description - The purpose of the task.

Support Elements

  • Equipment Condition - The mode of operation required when performing a maintenance requirement task.
  • Craft - The skill level of the individual performing the task or, at a minimum, the craft type.
  • Crafts Required - The estimated number of maintenance resources required to complete the task.
  • Frequency - The periodicity of the maintenance requirement, such as weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.
  • Duration - The estimated amount of labor hours needed to perform the maintenance requirements.
  • Materials and Tools - The materials and special tools associated with each task on the EMP.

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