BM Oil Mist Generator

T.F. Hudgins / Lubrication Systems

T.F. Hudgins centralized oil mist systems atomize lubricating oil into small particles, which are conveyed by a low-pressure distribution system to multiple machinery bearings.

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Product Description

T.F. Hudgins oil mist systems provide reliable lubrication for roller element bearings and metal surfaces in centrifugal pumps, electric motors, steam turbines and a broad range of rotating machinery. These systems meter a precise amount of oil to each bearing, resulting in highly effective lubrication, decreased oil consumption and lower overall maintenance costs. Basic system components include an oil mist generator, header pipe system for mist transfer and reclassifiers that control the mist flow to each application point.

The BM Generator is designed for small systems where manual control and
monitoring are preferred.

Features and Benefits

•For use in Class 1, Group D, Division 2 areas
•3-gallon SS reservoir with pressure-relief valve and oil level sight gauge
•Thermostatically controlled immersion oil heater and reservoir-mounted oil temperature gauge
•Low oil level switch
•Air pressure regulator with gauge and auto air filter drain
•Available 40, 100, 250 or 500 bearing inch generator head