MSP Assemblies

T.F. Hudgins / Lubrication Systems

Designed for low-pressure grease or oil applications, the MSP divider valve assembly provides precise monitoring and positive feedback.

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Product Description

MSP assemblies are simple to install and operate. The modular design provides complete flexibility.

Each assembly includes a minimum of three working valve sections and a base plate comprised of one inlet, one end and any number of intermediates, depending on the number of valve sections required (minimum of 3 and maximum of 8). This design provides from 1 to 16 working outlets with the use of crossport and singling plates. Each outlet is equipped with internal check valves. External check valves are available to keep the lines full and prevent lubricant from re-entering the assembly.

Features and Benefits

•Suitable for grease or oil applications
•Up to 16 lubrication points
•Inlets and outlets available in SAE, NPT and BSP threads
•Up to 3,500 psi
•Built-in check valves help keep lines full
•Replaces DropsA®, Lincoln®, SB®and CC Technology block valve assemblies
•Available in stainless steel
•Bypass section available to enable or eliminate lube points in the future