MVB Pump Packages

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The MVB lubrication system is a single line, series progressive system which divides pump output into predetermined proportional amounts and distributes these amounts to the progressive series of divider valves.

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Product Description

MVB lubrication systems were developed to handle the higher operating pressures typically seen in the gas engine and compressor industry and to offer the advantages of a series progressive system over a box lubrication system.

Configurations. With two pump sizes, 10 final drive gear ratios and six drive configurations, any lube rate between 2 -300 pints per day can be achieved. The MVB system provides lubricant at pressures up to 8,000 psi, among the highest in the industry.

Lubricant Cleanliness. A filter/primer assembly is available with a choice of a 10 or 25 micron filter element that prevents contaminants or particles from reaching the pump or the lubrication point. It has a unique self-scrubbing feature that lowers the frequency of filter changes.

Durability. All working parts are totally enclosed and protected from dirt, water and impurities. Each moving part is self-lubricated at all times by the fluid in the reservoir.

Features and Benefits

•One main supply from a single pump
•Central monitoring of normal operation
•Automatic proportioning through positive displacement valves
•Quick indication of problem areas
•Rugged construction for durability
•Pump output is easily adjustable
•Easy serviceability: pumps can be added or replaced quickly
•Pump piston stroke has sufficient volume to handle "aerated oil" without risk of air-lock
•Replaces Premier® PLP and Lincoln® MCLP pump packages