Allied Reliability provides licensed electrical journeymen to every electrical service assignment, backed by an electrical engineering and service team with decades of experience in electrical service for industrial and commercial facilities. When you need an electrical build-out, service of your apparatus, or testing of protective devices, Allied has the ready pool of qualified, conscientious electrical professionals to meet your immediate and long-term electrical service needs.


Risk assessments for shock and arc flash are driven by the NFPA 70E® requirement.  Risk assessments can be used to determine the voltage and shock boundaries within a facility. If the risk assessment determines that an arc flash hazard exists, Allied's electrical consultants can help you determine safe work practices, the arc flash boundary, and the required PPE.


Infrared thermography is commonly used for monitoring asset health. Equipment typically displays a pattern of rising temperature before failure - this could be in a bearing, a motor, transformer or other critical component.  Through the use of infrared thermography, trained Allied professionals can proactively identify impending failure points, allowing for repair during scheduled maintenance activities before they cause plant downtime.


Your electrical switchgear is the heart of your electrical distribution system. It is counted on day in and day out to provide power to your facility so that your bottom line stays healthy. What about the health of the switchgear itself? Properly cleaned, serviced, and tested electrical apparatus improves safety as well as performance, and periodic testing of over-current protection devices is required by NFPA 70E®. Allied professional service and test your electrical infrastructure apparatus to ensure proper operation, system readiness, over-current protection, and overall safety.


An electrical safety program that addresses site-specific hazards is mandated by OSHA and NFPA 70E®. The development and implementation of a compliant program can be a complex task - and as a result often is not addressed.