• Target Audience Managers, Directors, Vice Presidents, and anyone whose role has the ability to influence and control the learning items listed here
  • Course Duration 1 Days
  • Course DeliveryThis course is offered in both public and private settings
    Virtual delivery options available!
  • Continuing Education Unit 0.8 CEU

Is Your Organization Operating as Reliably as It Could Be?

This reliability roadmap workshop introduces the strategies required for asset reliability improvement initiatives to attain a higher likelihood of success and drive sustainable productivity gains.


Attendees will leave with an understanding of the challenge of initiating a reliability improvement program and armed with the following tools:

  • Identification of where your site sits on both the P-F Curve and the Asset Reliability Maturity Continuum
  • A list of the causes contributing to your site’s reactive posture
  • An initial assessment of your site’s current state with identification of the gaps needing to be closed
  • The beginnings of a reliability improvement plan

With our reliability roadmap, attendees will gain the confidence they need to develop a better reliability management strategy, resulting in improved asset performance.

You will Learn:

  • The nature of the real problem to be solved
  • How to develop a clearly defined current state and target state
  • Why you should improve asset reliability
  • What it will take to implement an asset reliability program
  • How to integrate your reliability improvement program with an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) initiative and assess your readiness for implementation
  • How Allied Reliability can assist in your reliability journey
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