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Work Execution Management

Reduce intrusive maintenance actions while increasing equipment availability.

Operator Care

Allied Reliability’s operator care process directly engages operating personnel into the asset care process. While known by many different names (autonomous maintenance, routine equipment care, operator-driven reliability), the Allied Reliability operator care process presents a simple set of tools that can become the centerpiece of any asset reliability initiative or total productive maintenance (TPM) effort.

Shutdown, Turnaround, and Outage Management

Make your shutdowns and outages a smooth sequence of events. With Allied Reliability’s shutdown, turnaround, and outage (STO) management and coaching in effective planning and scheduling, 30 maintenance technicians can yield the effect of 47. And, thousands of staff hours can be harvested from non-value-added activities. Allied Reliability can show you how to understand and apply the Best Practices for managing STO, including the following:

  • Identifying and prioritizing work
  • Allocating resources
  • Establishing the outage organization
  • Assessing risks and developing action plans
  • Managing and reacting to required schedule changes
  • Explaining the process for planning and tracking complex down-day and outage events
  • Leveraging critical lessons such as:
    • The importance of work identification and scope control
    • Critical path management and resource leveling
    • Quality control and assurance of parts and work results
    • The need for clarity and accuracy on work orders
    • The importance of standards

Planning and Scheduling

Allied Reliability consultants will instill the most effective maintenance planning and scheduling practices to efficiently use labor; manage parts, tools, and drawings; reduce time spent waiting for jobs to be assigned; and streamline complex down-days and shutdowns. Allied Reliability will facilitate the following activities to better your planning and scheduling process:

  • Define roles and responsibilities in the planning and scheduling process
  • Effectively identify and prioritize work
  • Perform equipment walk downs
  • Sequence tasks
  • Estimate time
  • Manage backlog
  • Schedule routine daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance tasks
  • Implement and complete the process for planning and tracking complex down-day and outage events

Allied Reliability consultants will instill a clear understanding of your current planning and scheduling performance and leave you with a customized improvement plan.

Planning & Scheduling Work Teams

Allied Reliability’s planning & scheduling work team (PSWT) consulting offers organizations the ability to ensure that key roles in maintenance and operations are being filled by individuals with the highest level of skills, job knowledge, and role performance.

In this deliverable, Allied Reliability builds effectiveness that culminates with a certification of achievement recognized across industries. The outcomes of a PSWT engagement include:

  • Work order management control
  • Precise job role execution
  • Successful integration of new work practices
  • Maintenance performance increase
  • Maintenance cost optimization
  • Documented results

Allied Reliability’s PSWT consulting tilts the playing field in favor of site management and employees by defining, training, coaching, and verifying the success of each role. Every position in the PSWT receives focused coaching that is separate but directly linked to the critical needs of the overall PSWT. The certification process converts costly “break-in” work into planned maintenance jobs, leading to increased routine work, where jobs can be executed right the first time – week in and week out.

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