Allied Reliability's Brands


Allied Reliability partners with some of the best manufacturers in the world to provide our clients quality products and solutions that last. Every system and component is handled by our team of experienced reliability engineers to ensure they reduce maintenance and enhance equipment performance for our customers.

Jamison Products

Meet all your fluid handling needs with Jamison Products. We offer quality, professional solutions that enhance your company’s performance.
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Advanced Fluid Handling

Jamison Products offers a range of standard and custom-designed engineered products for all fluid handling industries. We joined the Allied Reliability family as part of the T.F. Hudgins merger; however, our ASME-code facility brings years of experience providing quick deliveries, customized designs, competitive prices, and superior technical support.

Our products are designed to facilitate fluid handling applications in the transportation, petrochemical, refining, water, and process industries. In addition, we offer a full range of strainers for all applications. Our range of products includes basket strainers, bag and cartridge filters, pig launchers and receivers, ASME code vessels, and many associated process products. In addition to the range of our manufactured products, Jamison also represents Tube Turns Quick Open Closures (a division of Sypris Technologies), insulated joints, and anchor flanges.

Spinner II

The worldwide leader in bypass filtration, Spinner II produces centrifuges that use the power of centrifugal force to remove contaminants and reduce critical component wear by up to 50%.
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Enhance Your Machinery With Spinner II

For years, Spinner II has been providing companies with advanced oil-cleaning centrifuges for machinery in a variety of industrial applications. The brand joined Allied Reliability as part of the merger with T.F. Hudgins. Our Spinner II products for bypass and offline filtration help extend machinery service life, reduce maintenance costs, and lower your operating costs, leading to an improved overall process and more efficient operations.

Experience the difference with Spinner II high-performing oil-cleaning centrifuges for industrial machinery in manufacturing, oil & gas, marine power generation, rail, landfill gas, machining, waste handling, and many other applications. When you need results that save you money and time, Spinner II products can handle the job.

Texas Rotating Equipment (TRE)

Texas Rotating Equipment (TRE) improves your company’s steam-driven turbines, pumps, and gearboxes, providing superior service with fair and honest estimates.
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Quality Rotating Equipment Repair

Texas Rotating Equipment (TRE) joined Allied Reliability as part of the merger with T.F. Hudgins, forming the division that services all brands and sizes of steam-driven turbines, pumps, and gearboxes. We strive to deliver service with integrity and honesty, providing same-day quotes, constant communication and updates throughout the repair process, and proactive repair updates.

Due to TRE’s years of experience, you can take advantage of many benefits, including a work scope that is correct the first time, standardized documentation, a large inventory of parts, a full-time engineering and design team, and in-house CNC manufacturing. TRE has proven, solid processes for teardown and inspection, estimation and quote, and documentation procedures. From rotor balancing to CNC 4-axis machining, our aftermarket repair services keep your machinery in excellent shape.

T.F. Hudgins

Providing engineered products and services that improve the reliability of high-value equipment for a wide range of heavy industries, including petrochemical, refining, natural gas, manufacturing, mining and transportation.
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Machine Reliability Solutions

T.F. Hudgins merged with Allied Reliability in 2016, joining forces to improve the reliability and performance of a broad range of high-value assets operating in a variety of applications. Providing an interrelated mix of products and services, T.F. Hudgins enables our customers to increase machinery reliability, longevity, performance, safety, and environmental compliance.

At T.F. Hudgins, we pride ourselves on providing solutions, not just products. Our multifaceted sales and service organization has internal resources and capabilities that include engineering, manufacturing, assembly, and project management. Since our founding in 1947, T.F. Hudgins has built a solid reputation for providing leading product and service technologies. Today, we continue to serve as a trusted and lasting partner for companies thanks to our unparalleled level of experience, expertise, and prompt responsiveness.