Condition Monitoring Maintenance

Smart Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) Solutions for Challenging Times

As global businesses and economies continue to deal with the aftermath of a pandemic, manufacturing companies have been hit particularly hard by the challenges of operation management.  

Issues like low margins, lack of visibility in operations, and below capacity production seem to have shaken this niche to the core.  

Additionally, they are also left trying to make sense of employee roles and responsibilities after having laid off or furloughed staff and implemented social distancing measures.  

This has placed companies under great stress as they struggle to ensure that they remain operational while grappling with the decreasing number of employees. Additionally, fewer workers as well as lowering product obligated businesses to prioritize critical equipment repairs that were previously ignored. 

The only way to navigate this crisis successfully is by leveraging condition monitoring  helping to guarantee business continuity while reducing short-term expenditure on equipment maintenance and breakdowns. 

This is where Allied Reliability comes in to rescue your business. We offer smart condition-based maintenance solutions that provide real-time data visibility and analysis of your equipment. This not only reduces your costs but also mitigates the defects that cause breakdowns and operational challenges in the long run, to ensure business continuity for you.  


Deploying SmartCBM Solutions in the Wake of Coronavirus 


Equipment and processes often fail due to physical and environmental constraints or malfunctioning.  

However, implementing condition monitoring systems can help you avoid these critical issues. Moreover, this technology enables your employees to work remotely, giving them the ability to gather equipment data without any kind of human intervention. 

But the main problem lies in the fact that businesses miss the mark when trying to identify the reason behind such breakdowns. 

Allied Reliability’s SmartCBM solutions can detect potential defects months and weeks before actual failures. This gives you ample time to put corrective measures in place with the added bonus of low costs. 

These monitoring systems determine the condition of your industrial equipment through various means, including oil analysis, vibrational analysis, infrared thermography, ultrasound, and motor circuit analysis. 

Moreover, our condition monitoring delivery models are based on two important elements – flexibility and cost-effectiveness. 

With our flexible solutions and tools, you can ensure business continuity even when your employees are forced to work remotely due to the pandemic, while the cost-effectiveness of these services reduces the burden of maintenance spend.  

This prepares you for challenging times when money becomes a crucial resource for safeguarding you against business closure 


Benefits of SmartCBM Solutions 


Enhance the dependability, performance, and accessibility of your equipment with the help of our parameter diagnostics and quick decision support solutions. Here’s how these services benefit your business: 


Integration of Data from Various Sources 


The most coveted feature of any of Allied Reliability’s SmartCBM solutions is the Failure Mode Library, with analysis reports of over 3 million equipment components from over 1500 facilities. This vast accumulation of analyzed data is used to build strategies that can detect machinery failures beforehand for effective decision making. 


Reduced Equipment Downtime 


As SmartCBM detects malfunctioning components or equipment weeks and months ahead of failure, it saves you from experiencing unexpected machinery downtime. This offers the maintenance experts ample time to diagnose and fix the problems before production is affected. 


Increased Equipment Reliability


When equipment is continuously being monitored for discrepancies by high-quality sensors and data is being analyzed by subject matter experts, there is no room for spontaneous failures or human error that can affect your business. Thus, SmartCBM improves reliability and asset availability. 


No Labor Costs


Since numerous sensors are constantly monitoring the equipment’s working conditions with our SmartCBM Connected solution, and the software analyzes the received data, you do not require human resources. This saves you from labor costs involved with data collection, making it the most cost-effective solution.  


Schedule Compliance


SmartCBM ensures data is collected at the right time to warn you about any future equipment failure. This boosts the percentage of schedule compliance for CBM activities to approximately 100%. 


Choose the Best-Fit Option for Your Needs 


There are two SmartCBM deployment solutions that are suitable to leverage during the pandemic.


SmartCBM Connected 


SmartCBM Connected offers consistent condition monitoring services for your business’s most valuable assets. 

This solution consists of sensors that are integrated in the equipment to gather data that is sent to Allied Reliability for further processing. It is an always-on intelligent monitoring system that can be used with highly critical equipment, inaccessible machinery, and equipment with varying operating standards, as well as bad actor equipment.  

The deployed sensors are either wireless or inline and offer daily and continuous monitoring services, respectively.  Our software monitors the data that is later analyzed by experts, and the results are stored in a central cloud system. This method of data collection and analysis enhances equipment productivity and production capacity while lowering operation costs.  

SmartCBM Connected schedules the collection of data per your requirements – daily, hourly, or when any anomaly triggers the software. Moreover, we also promise reduced costs on each data point that is monitored with high-quality condition monitoring. 


SmartCBM Remote 


SmartCBM Remote is another solution offered by Allied Reliability that works perfectly in conditions like the current pandemic.  

With this option, your data collection experts work in tandem with our expert analysts for report generation. You can easily deploy this service if you have employees or contractors who can collect the equipment data for you. But if you do not have the time or money to spend on gathering data, Allied Reliability offers a QPM resource who can collect it and send it to our analysts.  

Either way, your business gets to enjoy reduced travel costs, data collection flexibility, immediate data reports, and excellent phone and off-site support from Allied Reliability’s experts. 


Why Us? 


The current pandemic situation has forced industry leaders to ensure that their business’ manufacturing processes remain operational while also ensuring minimal chances of failure –there really is no room for error if your business hopes to survive.  

Allied Reliability is here to help you with our SmartCBM technology that prevents equipment downtimes and failures so that your business experiences no hindrances in its processes. 

Our experience of more than 20 years allows us to provide meaningful insights without increasing your footprint. We have worked across a variety of industries including food & beverage, petrochemical, energy, mining, and automotive to name a few. 

With our smart condition monitoring services, we have been able to offer a 28% reduction in annual maintenance budget for customers, as well as a 100% increase in production in a span of 3 years. 


Need Allied Reliability’s services? Reach out to us through our contact form, and we will get back to you. 

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