Emissions Solutions

We help you to reach your emissions goals with a broad range of engineered products, backed by comprehensive engineering support. Our solutions help you meet the most stringent environmental requirements—today and in the future.

Diesel Particulate Filters

With our selection of Diesel Particulate Filters, you get comprehensive diesel exhaust emissions control with 99.7% contaminant removal. We offer several so you can find the one that works for you.

Diesel Particulate Filters

Compressor Emissions Solutions

T.F. Hudins helps you meet the most stringent environmental requirements - today and in the future.

Compressor Emissions Solutions

High-Security Valve Restraints

This unique design features O-ring seals with a connection point to attach a gauge for monitoring seal integrity.

High-Security Valve Restraints


This unique packing design has been proven to dramatically reduce leakage, minimizing vent flow and lost process gas.

Cook Clean Cases

Innovations in packing case design take advantage of Cook Compression's latest breakthroughs in sealing technology.

Flow Meters (4000)

The TFH thermal mass flowmeters provide real-time mass flow measurement for energy and process monitoring applications.

Explore TFH 4000

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