Condition Based Maintenance Solutions with IIoT Capabilities

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SmartCBM, Allied Reliability’s condition-based maintenance solution with IIoT capabilities, delivers manufacturing productivity gains while making condition monitoring dramatically more cost effective.
Early Detection

Early detection

SmartCBM is Allied Reliability’s condition-based maintenance solution for early detection of component defects that cause failures.

Less downtime

Less downtime

SmartCBM prevents unplanned downtime while lowering maintenance costs and improving reliability.

More data

More data

Always-on intelligent monitoring systems for your most critical assets.

Wireless sensors

Wireless sensors

Sensors for next tier equipment with predictable operating states that may not be easily accessible.

Flexible deployment

Flexible deployment options

Flexible deployment options that include route-based data collection for lower tier equipment.

Fully customizable

Fully customizable

The ability to mix all condition monitoring platforms for an easily scalable, fully-customized solution.

reduction in annual maintenance spend
increase in OEE in 3 years

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SmartCBM Deployment

Allied Reliability’s SmartCBM program can be deployed in four unique configurations to best suit the needs of your organization. All of the sensors and devices are top of class in the industry and have gone through extensive vetting and testing by our veteran reliability engineering team.

SmartCBM Directed - In this delivery method, Allied Reliability supplies the appropriate mix of analysts, technicians, and specialists to provide services such as data collection and analysis, program and route design, PM recommendations and troubleshooting. Services can be provided via a full time, embedded resource or through periodic site visits.

SmartCBM Remote - The SmartCBM Remote delivery method integrates your existing site maintenance personnel and condition monitoring assets for technology-specific data collection and Allied Reliability’s resources for data analysis and troubleshooting into one seamless system.

SmartCBM Connected - This delivers always-on (and quasi-always-on) intelligent monitoring systems for your most critical assets. Sensors provide daily (wireless) or continuous (inline) equipment condition monitoring, with no limit to the number of sensors that can be installed. The associated software monitors the data signal so analysts can perform analysis and report on alerts. With cloud-based data storage, SmartCBM Connected also provides a foundation for machine learning. On-premise data storage solutions are also an option.

SmartCBM Enhanced - This delivery method is an integrated solution that gives you the flexibility to combine all inspection technologies into data collection systems spanning route based, inline, and wireless sensor topologies while integrating the data from control systems, CMMS or ERP systems, plant historians, and condition monitoring analytics. As data is captured over time, the analytics platform’s machine learning works to identify patterns that are used for advanced failure mode pattern recognition.


From our clients


Allied has provided condition monitoring assessments using a range of technologies for our global manufacturing plants. Allied follows these assessments with recommended proactive maintenance activity to remove equipment defects.

As a result, our OEE has steadily increased throughout the engagement.

Global Reliability Leader, Cooper Tires

reduction in parts inventory
increase in production over 3 years

Why SmartCBM?

Because the lack of condition monitoring, or solely functional failure monitoring, only optimizes run-to-failure strategies. These strategies do not provide the sensory detail to diagnose, identify the root cause, and prescribe corrective actions.

Nearly every part in any asset, plant, or system is represented in Allied Reliability’s proprietary Failure Mode Library. It is derived from analysis of over 3 million components from within over 1500 facilities and identifies common components, parts, failure reasons, and inspection technologies that detect the defects causing the failure.

Using the Failure Mode Library, Allied Reliability prescribes the mix of technologies and platforms to provide early detection of failure-causing defects and offers a balanced approach. In addition, SmartCBM is deployed and supported by experienced Allied Reliability technical personnel using our Do, Teach, Find approach and backed by our 20+ years of industry leadership in reliability engineering.